Why Does A Propane Mosquito Trap Work?

Because they act just like us humans!

Contrary to the traditional mosquito zappers; Propane Mosquito Traps work by mimicking the gases and scents given off by humans. A plume of warm, moist C02, and an environmentally friendly octenol scent attracts mosquitos the same way they are attracted to humans. As the insect reaches the trap the upward vacuum of the device pulls them in and disposes of them; usually in a replaceable mesh bag.

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mosquito trap independenceMosquito Magnet Patriot
Rating: 3.1
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Cordless Rechargeable Battery
Cordless 4 "C" Batteries
50' Cord
1 Acre Coverage
1 Acre Coverage
1 Acre Coverage
1+ Acre Coverage
Fuel Saving Technology
All Weather
Lawn Clips
Sticky Paper Traps
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
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Mosquito Zappers & Electric Traps

Mega Catch For Insect

Mosquito zappers, on the other hand, are thought to attract mosquitos by utilizing an ultraviolet light. However, the science behind how a mosquito finds its’ next meal couldn’t be further from an ultraviolet light. Mosquitos simply are not attracted to ultraviolet light as they are attracted to warm, moist, plumes of carbon dioxide. Propane Mosquito traps are also often times referred to as CO2 (carbon dioxide) Mosquito Traps, so you might see this while searching through reviews.

With insects in general, the best offense is a good defense. Utilizing a propane mosquito trap which continuously emits the same gases which cause mosquitos to be attracted to us humans; you’ll work to attract and ultimately eliminate the mosquito population before they can get to you. Also, you may consider applying one of the top rated mosquito repellents for the yard to eliminate mosquito eggs and larvae. In the event they do get to you, follow these mosquito bite remedies and tips.

How A CO2 Device Works

Mosquito Trap Placement Is Critical To Eliminating Mosquitos

The location of your trap greatly impacts the effectiveness. We have an entire article on trap placement, but the quick and dirty is to have the trap placed upwind from where you spend a majority of time outside. The trap should be placed in an open area so that insects can directly access the unit. Although the machine should be left out in the open, it should also be kept in the shade as most insects avoid direct sunlight. The trap should be away from people (30-40 feet) so that bugs are attracted away from where humans would be spending time.

So it is up to you, are you ready to reclaim your property from the pesky mosquito and no-see-ums? Are you ready to make a vigilant effort to help prevent the disease-carrying insect from invading your precious space? If so, take a look below at our Mosquito Magnet Reviews, Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Reviews, and many more, to help decide on what the best propane mosquito trap is for your family’s needs.

Choosing the Right Mosquito Attractant For You Trap

Octenol Attractant

Propane mosquito traps utilize two different types of attractant, Lurex, and Octenol. Two variations of Octenol exist, standard and R-Octenol. Standard Octenol is mostly used in the far North of America and into Canada. R-Otenol is used down the East Coast and Midwest USA. Lurex, on the other hand, is used mostly in southern America, and the difference exists in the type of mosquitos targets. For the everyday user, you need to know that this is the attractant used by some of the best mosquito traps.Lurex Attractant Both iterations of Octenol attract mosquitos, black flies, and no-see-ums. By using an attractant such as Octenol can increase your catch rate up to ten times. Lurex, on the other hand, has been specifically designed to target the Asian Tiger Mosquito seen in many southern states. Tiger Mosquitos are notorious for carrying potentially deadly diseases such as West Nile and Encephalitis. The use of Lurex can increase the catch rate of the Asian Tiger Mosquito by 3 times. Both Octenol and Lurex has been EPA approved and is environmentally friendly. A cartridge of each type of attractant typically lasts 21 days before needing to be replaced. Although a propane mosquito trap will function without attractant, utilizing an attractant will significantly increase the effectiveness of a trap.

Top Rated Traps For Mosquitoes

Mosquito Magnet Propane Executive 

MosquitoMagnet Executive Review

If you are the type to buy the best of the best, look no further than the Mosquito Magnet Executive the MM3300. This is the top of the line Mosquito Magnet featuring smart technology and a rechargeable battery that lasts all season long.  Among the five different user-friendly settings is four fuel saving setting allowing for you to get more life out of your propane tank. Read Our Full Review of the Mosquito Magnet Executive MM3300.


Mosquito Magnet Independence Trap

MosquitoMagnet Independence Review

The Mosquito Magnet Independence 3200 is a step in the same direction in comparison to the Executive. The simple one-button operation makes set up and usability a breeze. The Independence is powered by 4 C batteries that will last months and features a disposable net. The net should be changed every 21 days in the height of the mosquito season. The Independence is constructed from all-weather material ensure that the machine will last in even the toughest of environments. ….Read Full Review⇒


Mosquito Magnet Patriot MM4200

MM Patriot Review

The Mosquito Magnet Patriot is a simple yet effective mosquito trap. If you are a person that likes to keep things simple, the Patriot is for you. The machine comes with a 50′ cord, which makes changing or charging batteries a non-issue. The Patriot has an onboard rigid self-contained net which makes changing every 21 days an ease. Maintaining an adequate airflow via the trap nets helps to ensure top perf… Read Full Review⇒


Blue Rhino SkeeterVac

SkeeterVac Review

The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac features similar technology to the Mosquito Magnet line of traps. However, the SkeeterVac adds a few additional features setting itself apart from the competition. First, the SkeeterVac is cordless and has an electronic ignition system. The two additional features not seen on many propane mosquito traps is a secondary sticky paper trap as well as a motion sensor light which add to trap effectiveness…Read Full Review⇒


Mega Catch Pro 900

Mega Catch

The Mega Catch Pro operates differently from the traditional propane mosquito traps as seen above. Rather than putting off a warm plume of C02, mimicking the human breath as seen by a trap such as the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac, the Mega Catch works by enticing mosquitos through the use of LED lighting and heat. The LED lighting and heat is programmed to mimic human movement rather than human breath. However, the Mega Catch does come with an option CO2 upgrade kit which makes it on par with our other propane mosquito traps. This can be used in connection with an attractant such as Ocetenol. The coverage area offered by the MCPro is not as great compared to our other traps, however, the pricing is cheaper than the most expensive Mosquito Magnet, yet more expensive than the Patriot or SkeeterVac. One feature that the Mega Catch offers that other traps do no is the fact that the MCPro can kill eggs that are laying in the grass or surrounding areas. This helps to eliminate the mosquito population at a much faster rate. Read the Full MegaCatch Pro Review Here⇒


Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Mosquito TrapDynaTrap

If you are the environmentally conscious individual, the DynaTrap is likely the best mosquito trap for you. Why? The DynaTrap differs from other bug traps and zappers in the way that it actually captures the mosquitos and contains them. This is a stark difference from a mosquito flying into an electrified screen which kills them on contact. It is up to you then as the owner what you would like to do with the captured insects. Because the DynaTrap actually captured mosquitos rather than killing them on contact, you won’t have to worry about that annoying sound or smell associated with mosquitoes flying into that (in)famous purple light. One downfall of the DynaTrap is its effectiveness. The technology behind this trap is just not up to par with other propane traps. On the flip side, this trap is definitely on the cheaper side when it comes to comparing the cost of other traps. Read Our Full Review Here ⇒