Backpack Blower Mosquito Fogger Review

Each year, people go to extreme measures to avoid bugs, especially mosquitoes. They spray chemicals on themselves that may cause skin irritation and they wear long sleeves when the temperatures reach well into the 90s. Mosquitoes make people miserable. What if you could find an effective way to control mosquitoes around your home without spending a fortune? That is where the mosquito backpack sprayer comes in. It is also why we recommend reading our backpack blower mosquito fogger review, if you are tired of dealing with pesky mosquitoes and painful, itchy bites.

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What is a Backpack Blower Mosquito Sprayer?

How To Use A Backpack Mosquito FoggerA backpack mosquito fogger is a fogger that sends out a mist of chemicals that will cover your yard to eliminate mosquitoes. They are the same type of foggers that some areas have on their vehicles to spray along roads, are usable by anyone and it is only the size of a leaf blower. It is effective over a broad area and most are able to repel and kill mosquitos for many hours at a time, which means you can go out into your yard and enjoy a BBQ or time at the pool, without having to deal with mosquitoes.

How Are Backpack Models Different from Regular Foggers?

When you look at a normal fogger, one such as the Burgess 1443 propane insect fogger, you will notice that it has a short spout. It uses propane and creates a fog in the yard that will eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects for up to 6 hours. It is designed to be used as a mosquito fogger and nothing more. We have a full traditional mosquito fogger review here⇒Burgess Mosquito Fogger Review

The mosquito backpack blower is different. They are just as effective at eliminating bugs, but many have dual purposes. They may be used as a mister, a duster, a cold fogger, leaf blower, and more. They allow you to use one machine to do a variety of tasks so that you do not need to own a lot of different pieces of equipment.

Is A Fogger Better Than Mosquito Traps?

Solo Fogger In UseIf you are curious about whether a mosquito trap or a fogger is right for you; you should keep in mind that they have two different ways of reaching the same goal. A mosquito trap works slowly, over time to draw mosquitoes in and kill them. The job of a gas powered mosquito fogger is to eliminate mosquitoes on the spot. They are both effective, but the trap is designed for long-term effects and ultimate control over mosquitoes. The sprayer does not reduce mosquitoes consistently. It does not draw them away from your lawn. It simply kills the mosquitoes that are there and prevents them from returning for a few hours.

To gain more insight into what the leaf blower mosquito fogger can do for your family, you should read the reviews below. They are popular backpack foggers and great for most lawn sizes.

Best Backpack Blower Mosquito Foggers

Invatech Italia

mosquito mister

This backpack sprayer also works as a mister and a blower. It has a 4.3 HP motor and a 3.7-gallon tank size. It comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure you get everything you need to get from your mosquito fogging backpack.


Makita Mist Blower

Makita Mosquito Gas Powered Fogger

This backpack sprayer has a 3.67HP motor to give you a commercial-grade engine. It has an L-shaped chemical tank to ensure it is easier for you to carry. Liquid chemicals are automatically mixed with air to spray out, but you control the flow using the switch. This makes it easy for you to control where you are spraying.


Solo 451

Solo Backpack Fogger/Sprayer

This is a 3-gallon backpack blower that promises to be quieter than most. This is due to an extra-large polymer impeller, which uses a lower RPM to run. It has a padded backrest for your comfort and a chemical metering valve to allow you to control the amount of chemicals you are using.


Hudson 18539

Hudson Backpack Blower & Mosquito Fogger Combo

The 18539 has a smaller tank at 3.75-gallons, but it comes with a 2.4HP 2 stroke gas engine. It has a large mouth fill area so that you do not have to worry about spills. You can easily change it from a duster to a mist blower and it works great for spreading granular fertilizers and pest control stuff. The only downside is that it is not CARB compliant.