Best Bug Bomb for Bed Bugs, Fleas & More

The most common way to take your home away from the insects who invade it is to purchase bug sprays. A lot of sprays are able to be used by homeowners and they can kill on contact. The problem is, most of the time, you will spend endless hours spraying bugs as you see them, but still, yet, there will always be more waiting to come out of hiding. If you are tired of fighting the battle and just want to win, why not consider the best bug bomb for bed bugs, fleas, and more?

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What is a Bug Bomb?

Bug bombs are sprays that you can set off inside of your home. They produce a heavy fog of bug killer and this fog travels into every part of your home at one time to kill every insect that may be hiding. This mist of bug spray can penetrate deep into cracks, under beds, and inside of cabinets where bugs may thrive.

If you live in a home that has insects and your normal spray is not killing them, a bug bomb that can penetrate further is a good option. It is also a lot cheaper than having to tent your house and hire professionals to come in to handle it.

Are Bug Bombs Safe?

Most all bug bombs are toxic to animals and people. That is why most cans of spray tell you to close all windows and doorways, set them off, and leave your home for a couple of hours. After that time, you should return home and open up the house before leaving again to let it air out thoroughly. When you are ready to return home, you should then wash all exposed silverware and dishes, wipe off your tables, and any other areas that kids or pets may come into contact with. Because of all the effort that it takes to use bug bombs, many people wait to purchase them until they feel they are out of options. If you would rather not deal with them, there are safer alternatives. There are bug sprays that can be used, which are completely non-toxic to humans. However, before you run out and pick up the first bug bombs you can find, you may need to check out our bug spray reviews to find the best.

Best Bug Bomb

Fleas and bed bugs are a very common annoyance in houses everywhere. These pests can come into a home if you bring in furniture or if you have pets that come into your home after being outside rolling in the yard. In a very short time, you can go from no fleas to a whole house full of them. When this happens, you need to find the best flea bomb you can.

1-Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider

Bed Bug Spray

If you want an environmentally friendly option to flea spray for house use, you will want to consider this spray. It kills bugs no matter what stage of growth. It can even kill eggs up to 80% of the time. This is great news considering that it is able to kill off bedbugs. If you do not want to spray chemicals onto your bed, this is the friendlier option to rid yourself of bugs, even those that are hidden deep within your mattress.


2-Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bedbug Killer

Ortho Home Defense Best Bug Bomb

This aerosol spray can will kill dust mites, stink bugs, and a variety of other common pests. It is not a bug bomb, but it kills bugs and their eggs on contact. It can even be used to kill lice. The best part is, it can protect your home from re-infestation for up to 2 weeks. This should ensure that you kill all the bugs in your home.


3-Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger

Spectracide Bug Stop Bed Bug Spray

This is a quick acting fog that allows you to return home in about 2 hours. It does not leave a lingering odor and it will not stain the items inside of your home. It provides long-lasting protection from bugs and can kill even cockroaches for up to 6 weeks. In one box, you will get six foggers to ensure your entire house can be sprayed at one time.


4-Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray

Hot Shot Bed Bug Bomb

This is the best bed bug spray according to most. It kills a variety of bugs, but mostly works on bedbugs, fleas, and ticks, on contact. After the initial bomb, you will continue to see long-term control over possible re-infestation. Each pack contains 3 cans and it can reach bugs that are hidden in furniture, floor cracks, carpets, and more. It contains Nylar, which prevents fleas from developing into adults, even after the spray scent has gone away.