Best Mosquito Misting System Reviews

How do you try to eliminate the pests that plague your backyard during the summertime? Do you spray on mosquito repellents, have a mosquito trap, or simply deal with the painful, itching bites that are left behind? Most people do not simply deal with the bites. They go to extreme measures, including dressing for winter when it is 100F outside or they spend their summer months giving up the outdoor activities they enjoy. Don’t make their mistakes. Instead, take a look at our mosquito misting system reviews and take your lawn back!

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What Is a Mosquito Misting System?

Mosquito Misting System Set UpA mosquito misting system is a system that may be installed around your home. Often it is built into a fence, patio or something similar. You can also purchase the spray nozzles and put them where you want them to be. Everything is set up on a timer, but they spray out a fine mist of chemicals randomly throughout the day and night.

Are All Misting Systems the Same?

Most misting systems are similar in design and functionality. They all cover the same area of your yard and control the same type of insects. The biggest differences you will notice is going to be the length of time that they may spray, whether they have remote controls and the amount of spray nozzles that they come with etc. The only other variable is whether they can work as water misting systems or if they are specifically for insect control. In fact, if you choose a DIY system, you are going to purchase a water misting system and then add insecticide.

Are DIY Mosquito Misting Systems Successful?

Setting Up A Mosquito Misting SystemYou need only to look for a mosquito misting system DIY installation to discover that by installing your own creation, you can put it where you have the most mosquitos. You can put it in your garden, on your porch, in your barn, and many other places that mosquitoes are an issue. By being able to install the system in more areas, you are going to eliminate more mosquitoes. The thing is, you must also keep in mind that it is something that will eliminate pests, but it may also eliminate some bugs that are helpful. This is why you should strongly consider where you are going to put it and how it will affect other insects.

Are Mosquito Misters As Effective As A Fogger or Trap?

When looking for the best mosquito misting system, you may be tempted to compare it to foggers or traps. A trap is designed to draw mosquitoes to it and further away from your home. The foggers and misters, kill the bugs that come into contact. Traps do not contain insecticides that you could easily come into contact with. Misters and foggers do. The best thing about a misting system is that you have 6 hours of mosquito control after each spray. Foggers can do the same, but you have to lug it around the area being controlled. Misters are already in place, so all you have to do is wait for it to spray your entire yard, provided you have nozzles everywhere in your yard.

Best Misting Systems For Mosquitos

Universal Pest Solutions Cordless Mosquito Mister

Mosquito Misting Lantern

This mister works with a remote and delivers immediate protection to your yard for up to 6 hours. It contains everything you need to cover a 2000 square foot area and only requires a 3-minute spray. It has an 18-month limited warranty.


Terminix AllClear

Terminex All Clear Mosquito Mister

This mosquito mister uses a 4-minute mist to protect you from mosquitoes and other bugs. It has a wheeled design that allows you to move it easily and you can control it using a remote control. As far as mosquito misting system cost, this is your cheapest machine unless you choose a DIY option.


Mistaway Gen 1.3 Drum Mosquito Misting System

Mistaway Drum

This mister has 30 nozzles included, along with everything else you need. It handles bug control automatically so that once programmed, you are finished with it. However, a remote control ensures that you can still have more control.


Sector Mosquito Misting System Refill

Mosquito Misting System Insecticide

This is the best type of misting concentrate for misting systems. It is made with permethrin and other ingredients that make it an effective choice. However, it is an expensive concentrate, which may steer some people away from it.


Okeler Mist Cooling System

DIY Mosquito Misting System

This is the best DIY mosquito misting system starter kit. You can choose how much hose you need and how many nozzles. The 82-foot set includes 25 nozzles. It includes everything that you could need to set it up as a water mister. To eliminate bugs, you may need to find a bottle that will attach to your garden hose and then into the misting system.