Best Mosquito Repellent For Yard

Insects can usually be found in dark and musty areas. They group together and lay their eggs in standing water such as ponds, barrels of water and pools. Such infestation can be troublesome to the environment and the people living nearby. However, filling up the home and their surroundings with chemical sprays and other harmful repellents can be quite uncomfortable to many. The strong components usually have a negative effect on the environment and its other inhabitants. There are various ways to eliminate these pesky insects, right when they are eggs to when they are matured adults. There are numerous products on the market that can make this possible. There are three types of safe and effective mosquito repellents that can give you a peaceful non-buzzing environment. These are mosquito Bits, mosquito dunks, and mosquito beater granules. For the adult mosquitos, we highly recommend purchasing a propane mosquito trap. Propane traps eliminate the adults, whereas these solutions below will help to eliminate the larvae/eggs.

Best Mosquito Repellent For A Yard

Mosquito Bits

Best Mosquito Repellent for yard

Mosquito Bits work fast by eliminating larvae found in ponds or in any other places with a large amount of stagnant water. The bits will are able to kill the eggs before they can hatch into full adult mosquitoes. However, adult mosquitoes will keep on laying thousands of eggs during a hot and humid day, so this solution will not be enough. The Bits do not also have a time-release feature which will require you to keep applying them once a week to every 2 weeks. These pellets are capable of controlling the mosquito larvae population within 24 hours of application.

All you have to do is to sprinkle them on any standing water that is being infested by mosquito eggs. It has active ingredients such as Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, solids, spores and insecticidal toxins which can cause eggs to be eliminated but never harmful to the water and land animals or humans that surround the standing water. These are described as environmentally sound mosquito repellents and anyone can order them.

The mode of application is by sprinkling a teaspoon for every 25 square feet of the containerized water surface area or a tablespoon for every 75 square feet. These should be applied uniformly so that an effective result can be obtained. Aside from the advantage of being able to kill larvae efficiently, these are also aquatic animal-friendly such as fish, frogs, and plants. They are also non-harmful to humans, birds, livestock, wildlife and pets around the area. These Bits can be applied to wet puddles on the ground, for areas that are prone to accumulating rainwater during the wet season. It can also be used for flower pots, flower saucers, under the overhanging bushes and other areas that the sun cannot dry up. These are also great for drainage ditches that always have wet soil for long periods of time. Spreading them  (with a lawn spreader) would give better coverage to the water surface area, especially if you have blow-up pools, large bird baths, rain barrels and more. Having to apply only a teaspoon every week makes the whole tub of Mosquito Bits last a long time.

The Bits remain on the surface for quite some time before completely sinking below the water surface. It is capable of killing the larvae, which are just below the eggs that are floating.

A lot of consumers are satisfied with the Mosquito Bits as they are easy to use and it does not take much to apply, which is quite convenient and user-friendly. It is also an advantage that it does not harm any pets or plants. Anybody can enjoy being able to take a lovely stroll in their gardens without being pestered on by pesky mosquitoes. Consumers have noticed that the adult mosquitoes have stopped buzzing around after a week from the day they have applied the product. Although there are a few still flying around, they find the results manageable.  They have not noticed any harmful effects and would gladly use the product again since other products have not given them similar results.

On the contrary, one of the disadvantages of this product is that it does not kill adult mosquitoes. Even if the eggs and the larvae have been taken out, the adult ones are just going to keep on laying eggs which will only keep hatching. This is quite similar to the dunks that are used by some people, which also do not eliminate adult mosquitoes. The best solution recommended is that these need to be applied as early as possible before the larvae become adult biting pests. Read More Mosquito Bit Owner Reviews Here⇒

Summit Mosquito Dunk

Mosquito Dunks

Dunks have the same ingredients as the Mosquito Bits and they are as safe for the humans, pets, plants and other aquatic life forms. These also control further hatching of eggs and growth of larvae, but they also do not kill adult mosquitoes. Basically, both Mosquito Bits and Dunks are very similar products; they just differ in terms of application, the effectiveness and the areas that they can be applied to.

Dunks are shaped like a donut and they tend to dissolve in a maximum of 30 days. One dunk would be enough for a hundred square feet of water. The manufacturer recommends that consumers use one-fourth of a dunk for a 5 square feet of water, one-half for 25 square feet and a whole piece for twenty-five to a hundred square feet. They are set in a package containing six to twenty and you can keep them for a long period of time and have the same effectiveness when the time comes that you need to use them.

Bits may dissolve and deliver fast results but dunks tend to dissolve slowly. You may also apply more than one piece in a 1-acre pool or pond. Although they may not be easily spread like the bits, they can be thrown for some distance since they are heavier. Dunks may need to be tied up to be kept in a steady place since they take a bit of time before they sink and dissolve. You can also use this product damp land areas like grasses and soils, such as in your lawns, flower beds, storm drains, rain gutters, storm drains, impoundments and even ditches.

Most consumers who have bought and applied the dunks have commented that they find these more expensive. They also found it a bit of a disadvantage that it works slower compared to Mosquito Bits since it will not take effect if these are applied after larvae have already infested an area. However, consumers have also found it quite effective to use both the bits and the dunk. While the bits may take effect immediately even if the larvae have already hatched from the egg, the dunk can eliminate further growth since it works for a month.

Bonide Mosquito Beater Natural GranulesMosquito Beater Repellent For Yard

The Bonide Mosquito Beater is made up of strong smelling oils that were extracted from plants. They smell pleasant and they are all naturally made. They are in the form of granules and you just have to spread them by hand.

This product may be cheaper compared to the others but they also have some features that the consumers found disadvantageous. Firstly, they do not last quite as long as the others. Its’ effectiveness tends to diminish after heavy rainfall. This will make the users apply it before rain season even starts. This also can only treat as far as 50 square feet of an area. Although they clean out the larvae fast, it is also required to be applied more often.

All in all, consumers have declared that they prefer to use dunks and bits as the best mosquito repellent for patio, garden, and ponds. Some may prefer the beater granules as best mosquito spray for the yard; but since it is such an effort to do the tasks, they may settle for the other two products instead. The best mosquito control for a yard should have important features such as high effectiveness, it should be long-lasting and most of all, safe for the people and other wildlife. According to the product reviews, Mosquito Bits and Dunks may be the best mosquito control for yard use of all seasons.

Again these outdoor mosquito treatments are geared towards eliminating the mosquito eggs and larvae. To take the best approach you will want to wipe out an entire population from the eggs all the way up to the adults. It is also worth noting that these mosquito repellents for the yard, are not effective on no-see-ums. Therefore, coupling these remedies with a propane mosquito trap will give you the strongest effort towards eliminating a mosquito population from your home. Take a look at some of our Mosquito Magnet Reviews to further understand how these traps work.