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Backpack Blower Mosquito Fogger Review

Each year, people go to extreme measures to avoid bugs, especially mosquitoes. They spray chemicals on themselves that may cause skin irritation and they wear long sleeves when the temperatures reach well into the 90s. Mosquitoes make people miserable. What if you could find an effective way to control mosquitoes around your home without spending a fortune? That is where the mosquito backpack sprayer comes in. It is also why we recommend reading our backpack blower mosquito fogger review, if you are tired of dealing with pesky mosquitoes and painful, itchy bites.

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What is a Backpack Blower Mosquito Sprayer?

How To Use A Backpack Mosquito FoggerA backpack mosquito fogger is a fogger that sends out a mist of chemicals that will cover your yard to eliminate mosquitoes. They are the same type of foggers that some areas have on their vehicles to spray along roads, are usable by anyone and it is only the size of a leaf blower. It is effective over a broad area and most are able to repel and kill mosquitos for many hours at a time, which means you can go out into your yard and enjoy a BBQ or time at the pool, without having to deal with mosquitoes.

How Are Backpack Models Different from Regular Foggers?

When you look at a normal fogger, one such as the Burgess 1443 propane insect fogger, you will notice that it has a short spout. It uses propane and creates a fog in the yard that will eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects for up to 6 hours. It is designed to be used as a mosquito fogger and nothing more. We have a full traditional mosquito fogger review here⇒Burgess Mosquito Fogger Review

The mosquito backpack blower is different. They are just as effective at eliminating bugs, but many have dual purposes. They may be used as a mister, a duster, a cold fogger, leaf blower, and more. They allow you to use one machine to do a variety of tasks so that you do not need to own a lot of different pieces of equipment.

Is A Fogger Better Than Mosquito Traps?

Solo Fogger In UseIf you are curious about whether a mosquito trap or a fogger is right for you; you should keep in mind that they have two different ways of reaching the same goal. A mosquito trap works slowly, over time to draw mosquitoes in and kill them. The job of a gas powered mosquito fogger is to eliminate mosquitoes on the spot. They are both effective, but the trap is designed for long-term effects and ultimate control over mosquitoes. The sprayer does not reduce mosquitoes consistently. It does not draw them away from your lawn. It simply kills the mosquitoes that are there and prevents them from returning for a few hours.

To gain more insight into what the leaf blower mosquito fogger can do for your family, you should read the reviews below. They are popular backpack foggers and great for most lawn sizes.

Best Backpack Blower Mosquito Foggers

Invatech Italia

mosquito mister

This backpack sprayer also works as a mister and a blower. It has a 4.3 HP motor and a 3.7-gallon tank size. It comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure you get everything you need to get from your mosquito fogging backpack.


Makita Mist Blower

Makita Mosquito Gas Powered Fogger

This backpack sprayer has a 3.67HP motor to give you a commercial-grade engine. It has an L-shaped chemical tank to ensure it is easier for you to carry. Liquid chemicals are automatically mixed with air to spray out, but you control the flow using the switch. This makes it easy for you to control where you are spraying.


Solo 451

Solo Backpack Fogger/Sprayer

This is a 3-gallon backpack blower that promises to be quieter than most. This is due to an extra-large polymer impeller, which uses a lower RPM to run. It has a padded backrest for your comfort and a chemical metering valve to allow you to control the amount of chemicals you are using.


Hudson 18539

Hudson Backpack Blower & Mosquito Fogger Combo

The 18539 has a smaller tank at 3.75-gallons, but it comes with a 2.4HP 2 stroke gas engine. It has a large mouth fill area so that you do not have to worry about spills. You can easily change it from a duster to a mist blower and it works great for spreading granular fertilizers and pest control stuff. The only downside is that it is not CARB compliant.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live?

MosqutioMosquitoes are the most common insect in the world to spread disease and itchy bites. There is no escape, but if you want to get rid of the insects, so you can take back your summer life, there are a few things you need to understand about where mosquitoes live.

States Most Populated by Mosquitoes

When you are wondering where do mosquitoes live, you simply have to look outdoors. Mosquitoes can live in pretty much every area of the world. However, there is no secret that they prefer to live in warmer climate areas. The thing is, if you live in Atlanta, Detroit, North Carolina, Miami, Michigan, New York, and Washington, you also know that these places are overrun with these pesky insects. The idea that mosquitoes were a southern problem is no longer true. They are everywhere and they venture out when you want them there the least.

Where Mosquitoes Thrive

If you interested in learning where do mosquitoes come from, you have an extensive history to look through. It seems that they have always been around, but it was not until the tiger mosquito invaded in the 80s that people started getting bug bites at all hours of the day or night and they became a true nuisance. Before this time, mosquitoes were out during the evening hours and early morning hours. Now, to find out when do mosquitoes come out, you simply have to walk outside. They are everywhere 24/7. It does not matter how hot it is or whether the sun is shining brightly or not.

Where Do Mosquitos Live

Mosquitoes are in damp places. They are in dry areas if there are leaves for them to hide in. They are found in dog water bowls, ponds, ditches, wooded areas and non-wooded areas. They are in the country, in large cities, and in areas where no one ever ventures into. That is why mosquito control is such an important thing. You have to eliminate them where they breed. Otherwise, you will never get to enjoy the outdoors.

Mosquito Trap Placement Counts

placementgraphicWhen you decide to use a propane mosquito trap, you will have to put a lot of thought into where you place it. You do not need it to be near where you hope to hang out, but you do need for it to be where mosquitoes are able to breed. This means you should put it near a water source, a ditch or a pond is perfect. If you have a home that backs up to a wooded area, you should put the mosquito trap there if you want to catch the most mosquitoes. By putting the trap where they breed, you will, in essence, be giving them a “food source” there, so they do not have to venture closer to your home. As the trap draws them, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors a little more this summer.

How to Get Rid of No-See-Ums

No-See-Um BitesNo-see-ums, also known as biting midges depending on where you’re from, are teeny tiny gnats that you can hardly see but you will most certainly feel its presence. These are the blood-sucking pests that will drive a sane person mad in a mere 10 minutes. Although a fraction of the size of a mosquito, their bite will often leave a greater itch that lasts a lot longer. And because they are hard to see, you usually do not know they are there until it is too late, hence the name “no see ums”. So what are these no-see-ums, exactly? Noseeums are flying insects from the Ceratopogonidae family which include over 4,000 species. They are similar to gnats, only they leave their mark in the form of a bite. The males and females alike feed on nectar; however, the females are the only ones that feed on blood in order to draw proteins for their fertilized eggs. It is also believed, like mosquitoes, they are attracted to the CO2 emitted by humans.

Best Tools To Get Rid Of NoSeeUms

The best noseeum defense is a good offense. Get them before they get you!





Skin So Soft Baby Mosquito Repellent






Top Rated


Rating: 4.4 Rating: 3.6Rating: 3.3 Rating: 4.2

Cost: $

Cost: $

Cost: $$$$

Cost: $





1 Acre +


Long Term

Repels √

Repels √

Limits Noseeums √

Itch Relief √

No-See-Um Bugs- Where Do They Reside?

Noseeums are found throughout the world but primarily in tropical and subtropical areas, as well as the Caribbean and particularly Florida. In fact, there are 37 different species alone just in Florida. They are a major nuisance to those that tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly at dusk and dawn. Ask any fishermen, hunter, gardener or farmer about no-see-ums and you can be sure they have had more than their fair share of experiences with these annoying pests. They tend to congregate around moist, muddy and swampy environments, but don’t think that means you won’t find them elsewhere. Unless you plan on moving to the North Pole, they are nearly impossible to escape.

How to Get Rid of No-See-Ums?

This is probably the reason you are here. If these biting midges are practically everywhere, how is one to escape or keep them from coming around? While eliminating them is nearly impossible, there are steps you can take to prevent them from coming around.

    • If at all possible, remove any standing or still water from your yard, including bird fountains or puddles of water that have collected from the rain. If you cannot remove the water, treat standing water.
    • Screen-in and secure your patio, porch or pool area as well as your windows to keep them from getting to you. Although this does help to cut back on the number of noseeums, it still will not eliminate them. You’ll want to use screen specifically made for noseeums, as most screen mesh is too large to prevent noseeums.
    • Cover your skin when you will be outdoors for any length of time, especially at dawn and dusk. Wear jeans and long sleeves, as well as socks and shoes to avoid itchy, red bug bites.
    • Use an insect repellent. While DEET is the best repellent for the job, use it with caution and don’t use too much. There are also natural repellents that can help but are often not as effective.
    • The most effective way to keep noseeums away is to use a propane mosquito trap. Propane mosquito traps emit CO2 gases to mimic humans and lure the noseeums in and then trap them (also used for mosquitoes). While these are the most effective, they are also the most costly. It’s also important to understand mosquito trap placement if you go this route.
    • Many also choose to treat their yard several times a year when they are outside most often. This could be done with a chemical spray as well as using a noseeum fogging machine.
    • Avon Skin So Soft is a very popular form of noseeum repellent. The use of this is especially common in the South East US.

1-Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard PLUS SPF30 Insect Repellent

DEET-free and PABA-free insect repellent. SPF 30 sunscreen lotion provides moisturizing protection with aloe and vitamin E.  It is a non-greasy formula in a gentle breeze scent makes it suitable for the entire family.Skin So Soft Baby Mosquito Repellent


2-Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Towelettes

Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus is a DEET-free Picaridin Mosquito Repellent that repels Zika mosquitos, deer ticks, gnats, no-see-ums, sand flies and biting midges.  The convenient towelette packet design makes these easy to throw into your backpack, diaper bag, purse, and luggage and are not counted as a liquid in TSA guidelines and is treated like sanitizing wipes at the airport.

mosquito repellent


3-Greenbug All Natural Bug Spray

This product was specifically developed when the US Department of Defense tasked researchers to create a safe to use, long lasting, yet effective pest control solution for the US Troops in the Middle East during the Gulf War to use. The sand fleas (sand gnats, no-see-ems) were creating misery for the troops. Greenbug created this all natural, earth-friendly, and DEET-free formula and it is available for you and your family to use.  This natural bug repellent and bug killer serves as a mosquito repellent, flea spray, tick killer, no-see-um repellent, gnat killer, mite killer, chigger repellent, fire ant killer and more.  Cedar oil is the active ingredient which has been tested and proven to cause no harm to humans, animals or the environment making it safe for babies, children, adults and even cats and dogs. When pests are exposed to the aroma of cedar, they do everything to get away.  Pests that react to scents have a biological reaction to the aroma of cedar which shuts down their breathing pores and causes them to die.

safe bug spray

Environmentally friendly this formula is even safe for the already extremely important endanger honeybees and butterflies.  It is safe to be used on clothing, furniture, carpet and other home materials.  The travel approved size makes it a great travel companion that you can spray on hotel sheets and even your luggage for bed bug protection.   Another helpful use such as head lice repellent by spraying your child’s hair, backpack, clothing, and bedding.


4-AMERTA All Natural Insect Repellent Spray

All natural and DEET-free, this insect repellent spray is effective for mosquitos, gnats, fleas, no-see-ums, bedbugs, lice, cockroaches and other bugs that like to nibble.  The recipe of ingredients used to make this natural insect repellent spray contains no synthetic toxins making is safe to use on children (older than 6 months), adults, pregnant women and even pets.  Fragranced with a pleasant jasmine rice scent, it is non-greasy, non-sticky, non-streaky, non-GMO, vegan and cruelty-free and provides up to 6 hours of reprieve.  AMERTA even makes a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

all natural


5-Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist

Another solution to keep gnats and no-see-ums away from you is a product that was never intended to be a bug repellent but as a fragrant body mist.  Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist is a local’s secret defence when dealing with these pesky flying pests.  Morning Glory is a light, clean and sweet scent reminiscent of a gentle spring breeze flowing across a field of flowers on a spring day.  It is a non-sticky body mist and with special skin silkeners infused into the spray, it leaves your skin soft, smooth and touchable.

noseeum body mist spray


No-See-Um Treatment

Noseeum bites are painful and inevitable, as much as we try to avoid them. So, what will happen if you do get bit and how should you treat it? No see um bites will likely leave a red, itchy bump on your skin that will have you wanting to give yourself a rub down with sandpaper. It is possible they could lead to a rash, or even hives if you are allergic, so keep an eye on them. The best way to treat them is to apply a topical steroid or take an oral antihistamine to remove the itch and inflammation. Some find success with Caladryl. The itch is only temporary and the lesion will heal within days, although sometimes it may take weeks. While the transmission of diseases is rare, it is not impossible. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, the bite becomes infected or starts to spread, you should consult your physician.

No-See-Um Solutions:

Do Bats Eat Mosquitoes? Bat Houses for Sale

One of the most popular natural mosquito control methods is to encourage bats living on or around your property. The question then becomes “Do bats really eat mosquitoes?” It has already been proven that little brown bats will eat up to 1000 mosquitoes each hour. If you use that to base a full night time frame, it means that they are able to do their fair share of working to control the mosquitoes in your yard. However, you must first figure out how to draw bats into your area and how to keep them there. One easy way to get started is to find bat houses for sale.

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How to Attract the Most Bats to Eliminate Mosquitoes

One of the best things about bat houses and keeping bats close by is that you can use bat houses for mosquito control without using chemicals. It is the most environmentally friendly mosquito control options around. However, in order for a bat house to be successful, you must have it placed in a prime area for your bats to remain in that location.

Mounted Bat House With Plenty Of SunshineYou need to put the bat house in an area that gets abundant sunshine, especially during the morning hours. Most people recommend that you get at least 6 hours of sun on the bat house and more if possible since bats do like warm homes. In an ideal world, you will put the bat house about 10ft up and have two houses close together, one facing north and one facing south so that your bats can always find the right temperature. You should also give them easy access to a consistent fresh water source and have trees as well as a clearing nearby as well. This provides them with a constant food and water supply.

If you can provide them with a hot house that is “bat approved” you will attract bats fairly fast. However, your success will depend on your environment. If you can look up in the early evening hours and see bats flying around, you are more likely to draw bats quickly. It is also beneficial to have other bat houses in your area, but you must remember, a bat does not often desert the house they already have.Mosquito Season

The Ideal Bat House

One thing you will notice is that bats have “high standards.” Not only do you have to understand where to hang a bat house, you must also know the type of houses they prefer. Bats like dark colored walls, light rough wood on the inside of their spacious homes so that more than a couple bats may live together. There are tutorials that tell you what bats like and how you may be able to build your own bat houses, but as a beginner, you may be better off to buy a bat house. For that reason, we have listed some very popular choices in bat houses for you to consider.

Best Bat Houses For Sale

1-Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat House

Mosquito Control Bat House

This bat house has the approval of the Organization for Bat Conservation. It has an average rating of 4.5-stars and maintains an 80% success rate for attracting bats. It is made using cedar and plywood in the USA.


2-Audubon Bat Shelter

Audobon Bat House

This is a very popular bat house that includes a landing platform that is made of rough cedar. It is grooved so that they can cling to it when roosting. There are zinc plated deck screws that will enable you to assemble it easily and it can hold up to 20 bats. It is made in the USA, holds an average rating of 4.3-stars, and is very affordable.


3-OBC Endorsed Triple Chamber Bat House by Uncle Dunkels

OBC Bat Approved Bat House

This bat house is handmade in the USA and attracts bats naturally. It has a capacity of 300 bats and it is endorsed by the Organization for Bat Conservation. It uses all natural materials and it is colored to look like tree bark, which will give bats a familiar place to call home. It has a 4.7-star rating, but it is one of the most expensive options available.


Bat House Attractant

Bat House Attractant

If you have a bat house but you feel it is not attracting bats well enough or if you are trying to bring bats to your area, you may want to use this bat attractant. It works with all bat houses or bat boxes to increase the appeal of it.

Garlic Mosquito Spray

It is no secret that mosquitoes are drawn to humans and animals because of the carbon dioxide and scents that are given off as a result of breathing. Bug sprays masks the scent of the body and/or has a scent unpleasant to mosquitos which is what makes them so effective. That is what has led to the invention of Garlic Mosquito Spray. It is a scent that naturally repels mosquitoes.

Does Garlic Work to Repel Mosquitoes?

Garlic and mosquitoes do not agree. Mosquitoes cannot stand the scent of garlic. They will run away from it rather than venture near it. Therefore, studies have proven that garlic can work to keep them away from you. In the past, it was believed that you had to eat a lot of garlic all summer long if you wanted to avoid bites. However, this is not entirely true. There are sprays that you can use in your yard that are made using garlic.

How Does Mosquito Barrier Work?

A garlic spray for mosquitoes is a natural repellent that does not contain any harmful chemicals, such as DEET. It is safe to spray around yourself and children. If you choose other varieties of Mosquito Barrier spray, you will find other scents that mosquitoes do not enjoy such as, lemongrass, mint, and of course garlic.

How Effective Is A Mosquito Barrier in Comparison to Other Repellents?

The biggest question for most people is whether the Garlic Mosquito Barrier is better than propane traps or eating garlic? Honestly, all of them have their strong points. Eating garlic ensures that you are not going to get bit by mosquitoes as often as you normally would, even if you are out camping in the woods. The downside is you would have to have a lot of garlic in your system for it to repulse a possible biter.

Propane traps are designed to work over time, eliminating mosquitoes in your yard. This means that taking it out on a camping trip may not work fast enough for you to get relief from insects that you’re after. Mosquito Barrier Sprays are also designed to eliminate mosquitoes around your yard. Traps are designed to attract mosquitoes that are in your area, while the primary purpose of garlic spray is to keep them away from your lawn. All can be effective, but you may still want to use more than one method, especially if you have a lot of mosquitoes in your area. To help you get a better idea of the mosquito garlic sprays, take a look at the reviews below.

Best Mosquito Garlic Spray Reviews

1-Mosquito Barrier 2001

Mosquito Barrier

This natural product lasts 3-4 weeks with each application. It is safe to be around, does not smell bad, and contains no harmful chemicals, while effectively eliminating pests.


2-Garlic Barrier Liquid Concentrate

Garlic Mosquito Spray

This garlic spray is designed to keep all pests at bay for up to a month’s time. Your entire family can venture outside as soon as you are finished spraying. This is safe to spray on trees, shrubs, or other areas in your yard.


3-Dr. T’s DT336 Mosquito Repelling Granules

Mosquito Granule Barrier

This is a 5-pound jug of granules that is a mixture of lemongrass, garlic oil, and mint. It is safe to use anywhere in your yard or around the home. One jug treats up to 4,000 square feet and will never damage you, your lawn, or your garden.

Foods That Repel Mosquitoes

There are a lot of myths and facts about mosquitoes out there. Old wives’ tales that you may not be sure you can trust in. There are concoctions you can spray, rub, grow, burn, and even eat and all of them claim to be the best remedy for those pesky bugs that leave you itching throughout the summer months. Is there any truth to it? Now is the time to learn about foods that repel mosquitoes and whether it is fact or fiction that it works.

What Foods Will Repel Mosquitoes?

Eating Garlic To Repel MosquitosIf you are curious about what to eat to keep mosquitoes away, you should be aware that eating certain things to keep mosquitoes away may also keep other people away. Garlic cloves are a very popular, proven way to perhaps lessen the way a mosquito feels about biting you. Apple Cider vinegar taken by the tablespoons is also a viable option. Orange and lemon peels, onion skins, as well as vanilla extract are foods that may also slow down biting bugs, but to use these, you will want to rub them on your skin instead of ingesting them.

How Effective Is Eating Certain Foods To Repel Mosquitoes?safe bug spray

To understand whether eating garlic as mosquito repellent is actually effective for you or not, you must first know how a mosquito picks its target. Every person has a natural scent that they are born with. Mosquitoes are attracted to most of the compounds that make up that natural fragrance combined with carbon dioxide and lactic acid. In order to repel mosquitoes by eating foods, you have to eat a substantial amount of it. You have to eat enough that it changes the way your skin smells, thereby changing your genetic induced aromatic fingerprint. Unfortunately, this just is not very practical. That is why many people prefer to rub it on their skin and it is also one of the main reasons people use spray on insect repellents.

Save Your Food: Pop-Up Mesh Food Cover

Speaking of insects, and food, they should not be together.  Whether you’re having a barbeque, a picnic, or enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine, you definitely would not want any type of pesky insect landing in your drink or crawling over your food.  These portable, reusable, mesh canopy tents easily pop-up to be placed over your plates of food or beverages to keep mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, or any other flying insect who tries to join your party.  They are collapsible and easily wiped down with a wet cloth to be used over and over again.

Do Propane Mosquito Traps Work Better?

Mosquito traps are designed to emit carbon dioxide and special scent so that mosquitoes will go to them instead of biting you. It emits it in its purest form and draws more mosquitoes to it. This is why you should set it away from where you will be spending your time in the outdoors. This is not to say that you will get no bites, but over time, you should see fewer mosquitoes around your yard, which in turn means fewer bug bites.

Best to Use Several Methods

The hardest thing for most people to understand is that before you ask, “What to eat to repel mosquitoes” rather you should ask yourself, “How to eliminate them?” In order to control mosquitoes, you must control their environment. Eliminate standing water, remove piled leaves and trash, as well as do other things to lessen their breeding grounds. A mosquito trap will then trap the mosquitoes and other insects you have in your yard. If you want to help it to work, you may try eating garlic or rubbing other edible items on yourself. The more unsavory you appear to them, the more mosquitoes will venture toward the trap, and the more you can enjoy the great outdoors.

Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern Review

Not all mosquito repelling efforts need to be unattractive propane tanks, smelly citronella scented items that also make you want to flee the area, or zappers that annoy everyone. They can be a lantern style, ambient light that produces very little scent, but keeps mosquitoes and other bugs from biting you. You can check out our mosquito repellent patio lantern review to find your perfect insect repelling option.

What is a Mosquito Patio Lantern?

Outdoor Mosquito Patio LanternMosquito lanterns that are available today provide your backdoor space with subtle light and hours of mosquito control. They work using batteries, butane cartridges, and repellent mats that have a very light scent. Some have fans which blow and most all can keep you in a bug-free zone that is approximately 225 square feet in area.

Where Did These Hanging Traps Come From?

Thermacell became the first recognizable company to create the repelling lanterns that we know today. However, it started out as a bug zapper. If you are curious about which works best, you should know that Thermacell seems like the most popular choice, but many people wonder if they are truly as effective as they portray. The answer is, “yes”. Bug zappers use to work by drawing mosquitoes and other insects to the area and then zapping them. The mosquito repellent lantern keeps them away from the area.

Are Mosquito Lanterns Created Equal?

All bug repelling lanterns work very similarly. They all cover approximately the same amount of space. If you want a larger area cleared of mosquitoes, you will want to use a propane mosquito trap. The thing is, mosquito traps work over an extended period of time. The lanterns can be taken with you on hikes through the woods or on camping trips and the results start showing as soon as you turn it on. It simply works to keep them away from you. If you are an outdoor lover, you should take a look at the reviews below to learn about the different styles of lanterns that are available.

Top Mosquito Lantern

1-ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Device

ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Device

Even though this is not an insect repellent lantern, it is still a very popular choice. One device can cover a 15 x 15ft area. It is cordless and fits easily into a pocket. Imagine no longer needing to use oily sprays that can leave you sticky, but you still avoid painful bug bites. It is a silent device that is odor-free.


2-ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Outdoor Camping Lantern

ThermaCell Mosquito Camping Lantern

This Thermacell mosquito repellent lantern is water resistant and has a hanging clip. It gives off 300 lumens light and is able to repel mosquitoes for an area that is 15 x15ft. When you run it at its highest setting, it can still last effectively for up to 50 hours. It does require D cell batteries, butane cartridges, and repellent mats.


3-Stinger Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Stinger Patio Lantern to repel mosquitos

This lantern is ideal for bug season as well as an attractive light for your patio. When using it as a repellent, it is DEET free, heat-free, and smokeless. It has a fan built in to disperse a pleasant scent and it can repel bugs for up to 12 hours in an area that is approximately 225 square feet.


4-ThermaCell Outdoor Lantern

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Lantern

With this lantern, you can control biting insects in an area that is up to 225 square feet. It is cordless, lightweight, and covered by a one-year warranty. It requires only a butane cartridge, repellent mats, and batteries.

How to Trap & Control Mosquitoes

When it comes to summertime, most people question how to trap mosquitos or otherwise eliminate them from their yard. There is a good reason. Mosquitoes cause the people they bite to have itchy, swollen, red areas that can sometimes be painful. They also carry potentially deadly diseases. Luckily, there are several things you can use to help you get rid of a mosquito infestation, without harmful chemicals.

How to Avoid Itchy, Painful Bites from Mosquitos

A lot of people suggest avoiding mosquito bites you should wear long sleeves and pants if you are going to be outside during the early morning or evening hours. However, for people who live in the south where it is extremely hot, not many people are willing to put on their winter wardrobe. These people look for other options on how to control mosquitoes.

The first step is to make your yard less appealing by removing standing water and having citronella around the areas in your yard that you cannot remove water from. Keep in mind that it is best to start treating your yard as early as possible because there are only two true ways to get rid of mosquitoes, elimination or trapping them so that they cannot get to you. After that, you can, and should, look into one of the mosquito killing systems that are available.

Do Propane Traps Work?

A lot of people do feel that a propane mosquito trap is the best for eliminating mosquitos. They work by mimicking a human being. The propane often comes out as a mist that is slightly warm as if it was a human breathing. This draws the mosquito to it and then traps them inside of a mosquito vacuum. In comparison to chemicals, this could be preferable, but the problem is, this is an effective solution over time, it is not instant.

Other Mosquito Trap Options to Consider

Other mosquito repellent machine types include the ones that use sound to draw mosquitos, mosquito foggers, and of course the bug zappers that have been around for years. The reason some say that sound works best is that when mating, males are drawn to the sound of female mosquitos flapping their wings. It is a theory that has been tested on a limited basis and the results of it are varied.

If you are looking for a dependable trap, sometimes the best option is tried and true. A bug zapper may seem like an outdated option, but a lot of people still stand behind their zapper when it comes to mosquito elimination. If you are ready to give it a try, perhaps you should consider one of the newest, most popular zappers available, the Stinger 5-in-1.

Stinger 5-in-1 Mosquito Kill System

Stinger Mosquito Trap

Most flying insects seem to be drawn to light. This includes beetles, moths, flies, and even mosquitos. The black light that is used in the Stinger 5-in-1 has been proven to draw as much as 40% more insects. It is created to be weather resistant and resilient. It will not get clogged with dead bugs and it has several features that make it ideal for killing during the right time of day. You can have it turn on automatically, leave it on day and night, or have it programmed to turn on and off according to the sundown sensor. This mosquito control device also comes with one Nosquito Octenol Lure and a nylon cord for hanging. As a bonus, if the bulb blows, you can easily replace it. Read More About It Here⇒

No-See-Um Repellent & Spray

If you live in the south and enjoy time spent near the water, chances are good, you have been attacked by a tiny little bug that packs quite a punch, more than once. These tiny little critters are found in various areas all over the world, they carry many different names, and no one enjoys their bite which is rivaled only by the dreaded mosquito. Do you deal with No See Ums in your yard or are you simply sick of dealing with their painful, itchy bites? Either way, you do have options when it comes to No See Um repellent.

What Are No-See-Ums?

These critters are a part of the Ceratopogonidae insect family. They are very tiny little insects that have a dagger-like mouth. When they land on you, they basically gash a small hole into your skin and then drink the blood. They are like mosquitos in the fact that they have an anticoagulant agent in their saliva which keeps your blood flowing for them to drink and that only the females will bite you. This agent can cause a reaction in some people’s body that causes it to itch, swell up into red welts, and some people may develop tiny blisters where the bite occurred. Symptoms of one bite can lead to itching and redness for up to 2 weeks, especially if you continue to scratch it.

The problem is, these tiny little biting insects are small enough to venture into areas that other bugs are not able to go. They are tiny enough to get through screens in your home or your tent. They have been known to infest air conditioning vents and breed in moist or damped soil. That is why they are most common near water areas. They like mild temperatures, which means they come out of hiding to bite during the early spring or late fall months when temperatures are within the 70-degree range.

The good news is, they do not venture far away from their breeding grounds. This means that if you are standing in an area that is loaded down with No-See-Ums, you can most likely walk away 10ft and be out of the swarm. However, if you have them in your yard, the swarm can move around to where water may be found.

What Repellent Works Best for No-See-Ums?

No one wants to be kept indoors or away from their favorite fishing spot because of these tiny little blood-sucking insects. There are several different types of repellent available for you to try and see if it will eliminate the Noseeum bites your family may be dealing with. Two of the most popular repellents include:

Repel 100 with 98.11% DEET

Repel No See Um Repellent

This repellent keeps away mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, and other biting insects for up to 10 hours. To get the most out of this No See Um spray, you should spray all exposed skin when you plan to be outdoors or in areas where you know biting insects will be, for an extended period of time. Re-apply when you start to feel bites again or every 10 hours.


SkinSoSoft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin

Skin So Soft No See Um Spray

This No See Ums repellent is from the makers of Skin So Soft, a product which many have trusted for years. It is 100% DEET free and offers long-lasting protection from mosquitos and other insects. It has very little odor and will not leave your skin feeling gross like some other products. It is recommended that you use this anytime that you plan to be in the great outdoors as long as you do not need to use sunscreen.

The Best Defense Against No-See-Um Bites?

The products above work well for keeping these critters off of you and your family. However, the very best way to handle No See Ums is to attract them to something else and keep them away from you. That is why propane mosquito traps are such a popular choice. They emit a plume of CO2, which No See Ums like as much as mosquitos. Once you have a trap in your yard, they will be drawn to the trap and eliminated, which is really the only true way to prevent or repel them.

Home Mosquito Control

Dyna Trap Mosquito Trap Review

Biting insects, especially mosquitoes, come out when people themselves are wanting to get out of the house and into the outdoors most. If you go outside, you may have to put on chemicals to keep them from biting, but many say chemicals are not good for you. Small children cannot use them unless they are deemed child safe, but safe doesn’t keep mosquitoes from biting them. In the end, everyone is miserable, unless you learn how to practice total home mosquito control.

Mosquitos, A Problem for Everyone

Best Mosquito Repellent for yard

Mosquitoes are a problem for everyone and there are several different ways that people try to control them. It is bad enough that some southern states, especially Florida, have the Mosquito Control Agency. It consists of a set of trucks that are designed to drive around and spray for mosquitos to try and lessen the population.  Additionally, some areas even have a helicopter that sprays around lakes, ponds, and rivers.  It helps, but it is not enough. To gain control, your family must learn all that you can about home mosquito control and all of the many things you can use in your yard to slow them down.

Where to Start With Home Mosquito Control?

If you are interested in truly learning about home mosquito control methods, you must first take a look around your home. Try to first use natural mosquito control methods and eliminate standing water as much as you can. Then, plant natural mosquito repelling plants around your home. Some home remedies for mosquito control state that lemongrass and citronella geraniums are great at stopping mosquitoes.

After that, you will need to get at least one propane mosquito trap, depending on the size of your yard, you may want to get two of them. There are fogging machines available as well and this could be a great way to eliminate more mosquitoes from around your home. At first, you may still need to apply mosquito repellent, but as the summer progresses, you should be able to apply less of it.

Prepare to Fight Mosquitoes

Executive1Using all of the available home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes is a great way to start. It prepares your yard and makes it a less favorable environment for mosquitoes. The rest (mosquito killing measures) will eliminate the mosquitoes and other biting insects that decide to venture onto your property. It is important that you choose only the best chemical options and it is recommended that you read all of the mosquito trap reviews that you can get hold of. Some machines claim that they are excellent, but really they fall short. There are also certain chemicals that you should use if you live in the south and others that are more suitable for the northern states. Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge and at that point, you will be ready to battle the mosquitoes and you stand a better chance of winning. You simply have to be prepared to put your best foot forward and fight them from all directions at one time.