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Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap Review

A good number of people like to enjoy the outdoors.  From having an overnight camp-out to just plain relaxing out on a backyard porch, there really are many ways of enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.  It is inevitable, however, that people encounter issues when spending time outdoors.  One such problem is the presence of insects.  As long as you are outdoors, wherever you go, there will always be insects.  Insects are an integral part of nature, and they are things you really have to deal with when spending time outdoors since they’re part of the natural space.

While it is easy to tolerate a small number of insects while outdoors, they become bothersome when they start appearing in swarms; with the most pestilent being the presence of mosquitos and no-see-ums.  Some people resort to using insecticide at their campsites and yards.  Although these can harm pets, they may also harm people.  Some resort to putting on mosquito repellants, or displaying natural mosquito-repelling plants, such as eucalyptus or citronella.  Although these are effective, they can only repel mosquitoes, and not other insects, such as moths and flies.

Dyna Trap Mosquito Trap Review

All of the above-mentioned things are indeed helpful with keeping insects away.  However, for a safer and less disruptive way of keeping bugs at bay, a more hi-tech solution is required; namely an electronic outdoor insect trap.  Here, we will be reviewing the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap.

Dynatrap Insect Trap

The Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap is a portable and lightweight electronic device that safely traps all kinds of insects without harm or disruption.  Using ultraviolet (UV) light, it attracts all kinds of outdoor insects, keeps them trapped inside the lamp, and prevents them from escaping.  The lamp covers a total area of 0.5 acres.

The Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap set includes a cleaning brush, as well as a 10-foot cord and a metal chain, in case you want to hang it from the ceiling.  The lamp is very easy to use, and at 3 lbs, and you can bring it with you anywhere.  The device is also easy to clean.  It’s up to you how you want to take care of the trapped insects after use.

The lamp uses high-end UV technology to attract and trap insects of different kinds.  It does not have a voltage grid like other indoor mosquito traps have that immediately kills the insects.  Rather, it traps them inside the lamp.  The lamp itself is virtually noiseless and non-disruptive.  People hardly notice the lamp when they bring it with them outdoors, which is great, especially for people who want to have peace and quiet while enjoying the wild.

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The Pros

As mentioned above, the most apparent difference between the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap and the traditional bug zapper is that it does not have a voltage grid.  When you turn on the lamp, there are no disruptive buzzing sounds, and when an insect enters the lamp, there are no loud sparks that signify a kill.  There are also no big messes to clean up after usage, since the lamp does not kill the insects, but rather, traps them.

The Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap is highly recommended if safety is a priority of yours.  You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets touching the lamp and getting injured, or exposing themselves to harmful chemicals, because it does not have a voltage grid, nor does it use chemicals to attract insects, which makes it safer.

Dynatrap Indoor Flying Insect Trap

One good thing about this lamp is the fact that it does not kill the insects, but merely traps them.  It is up to you how you want to manage the insects when you the clean the lamp.  If you prefer not to harm them, you may opt to relocate them somewhere where they won’t be disruptive.  If you’re just camping, you can just release them back into the wild when you’re about to leave the grounds.  If you’re an animal welfare supporter, this is a great choice.

Another great thing about the lamp’s trapping (in lieu of zapping) feature is that it allows you to keep the good insects.  If you’re a gardener, this would be very important for you.  As some would know, not all insects are bad.  Some insects, such as ladybugs and dragonflies, actually help make your garden or yard healthier.  A traditional propane mosquito trap such as a Blue Rhino SkeeterVac does not make any discernment with the insects that it kills.  With the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap, you can avoid killing friendly insects, and just set them free again later on.

The last thing worth noting about the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap is that it is very portable.  It’s lightweight, and you can bring it anywhere.  Also, its use is not limited to the outdoors.  You may also use it indoors, if necessary.  You can opt to just leave it on a corner of your home, or hang it from the ceiling. Whether you choose to place the trap indoors or outdoors, you will want to take into account trap placement to optimize your catch rate.

The Cons

There are also drawbacks when using the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap.  An obvious one is the added responsibility of disposing of the trapped insects.  After using the lamp, there remains the question of what should be done with the trapped insects.  For people who prefer to just exterminate insects, and don’t want to bother with relocating them, this lamp might be a bit of a hassle.  Unlike with traditional bug zappers, where you just sweep the floor to clear the exterminated insects, the lamp presents the added responsibility of handling and taking care of the trapped insects after use.

Another drawback is the area effectiveness of the device.  As it is small enough to be lightweight, the question of area effectiveness comes into play.  Since it is a small device, the coverage area of the lamp tends to be smaller.  Also, since the lamp relies purely on UV light to attract insects, it becomes less effective where there are other lights in the area that compete with it for the insects’ attention. Lastly, it does not mimimic the human breath, therefore less effective than some other propane mosquito traps.

Making Your Dynatrap Purchase

The Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap is available with most hardware and outdoor supplies stores.  It is also available with several online sites.  It is reasonably priced when you weigh and balance the pros and cons of the device.  Some online stores, such as Amazon, also offer a one-year warranty on the device.

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Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap Review

There is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes and gnats buzzing around you. It is irritating to constantly keep swatting at them, especially if you are trying to enjoy a nice summer day or a good time with family and friends. To remedy this problem, consider purchasing the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap.

Mega Catch Mosquito Trap


Mega-Catch Pro Mosquito Trap 

The Mega-Catch line of mosquito traps is well-known for its proven effective Mega-Catch technology which is not only durable but dependable and simple to operate. The whole line of Mega-Catch mosquito traps feature LED lighting and heat signatures that work together to entice a vast array of mosquito species.

This highly-effective, state-of-the-art mosquito trap can entice mosquitoes, sand gnats, and other biting insects from a range of 120 feet. Additionally, it works effectively in ¾-to one-acre of land which equates to a small to a mid-size yard. Also referred to as the “transformer trap,” the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC Mosquito Trap is very user-friendly so that owners can operate the machine with just a push of a button.

Mega-Catch Pro Features

The Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC features state-of-the-art, sophisticated technology. To attract mosquitoes, this product utilizes an infrared energy source and LED lighting. When combined, they produce visible and invisible lighting that draws biting insects. For example, the state-of-art 5 stage LED cluster is programmed to simulate human movement to draw mosquitoes. Furthermore, this product possesses the innovative mosquito-attracting stimuli settings, also known as MAS, which can be set to focus on a specific type of mosquito this is a major difference from our other propane mosquito traps.

Because of this, there are a vast number of different options for you to choose when programming this mosquito trap. To get the best results, it is going to take some experimenting with the various settings and programs before you get the one that will work the best for your property. You can either use the wet catch container or the high-speed fan, which comes in 5 different speeds for live catches into the catch net. Regardless of which setting is correct for you, always make sure to take into account of trap placement; this will be critical to your catch rate.

Mega Catch Mosquito Trap Net

If you are looking to purchasing a mosquito trap that is environmentally friendly, you will be happy to know that the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC is energy effective and eco-friendly. Unlike other name brand electric mosquito traps, this particular make and model uses less power than a 40 watt light bulb.

Another great feature that is unique to this mosquito trap is a program that can kill mosquito eggs that are in the grass. The one thing to remember, though, is that it will not happen quickly, but approximately six to eight weeks after continuous usage. Therefore, you will need to still use an insecticide or repellant up until this time.

How To Make The Mega-Catch Even MORE Effective

Mega Catch Octenol Fragrance Strips To intensify the capture rate, you can purchase Fragrance Strips or the CO2 Gas Upgrade Kit, which not only raises your mosquito trap to the level of the ULTRA trap specifications but makes the machine carbon dioxide capable. The advantage of using carbon dioxide is that it increases your chances of catching mosquitoes and other flying insects by nearly 400%.

Mega Catch Gas Upgrade k

Mega-Catch Gas Upgrade kit

When you purchase the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC comes complete with:

  • 1 liquid catch container
  • 1 external skirt
  • 1 standard mesh catch bag
  • 1 weatherproof power supply
  • 1 powder-coated stand
  • 1 60-foot extension cord

Accessories that can be purchased separately are:

  • Attractant strips
  • Weatherproof cover
  • Automobile cable
  • Cable for the battery
  • CO2 Upgrade gas kit

One of the many features that you will appreciate is the self-service diagnostic check that makes sure that all of the components of your mosquito trap are operating properly.

Insect Trap Ease of Use

This mosquito trap is quite durable and easy-to-use. Geared toward outdoor usage, it is also weatherproof. In addition to all-weather casings and superior mechanisms, this mosquito trap comes with a one-year warranty on parts and service.

To operate the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC, you just have to select the press-and-go button. This is very similar to the Mosquito Magnet Independence. Unlike some the other mosquito traps, this one is just as effective at catching mosquitoes whether you select to run one of its attractant programs or not. All it takes to get started is three to four teaspoons of any sweet-smelling liquid, such as dishwashing detergent, syrup, soda, or fruit juice to get the flying insects attracted to the mosquito trap.

The mosquitoes will either be caught by the wet catch method or the high-speed fan. The wet catch method can be messier, but it is very successful in catching mosquitoes.

Mosquito Zapper Ease of Assembly

Those that have purchased this mosquito trap state that it is very easy to assembly. The average time it took to assemble the product was anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

MegaCatch Stand


The Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC is a tad expensive. However, when you consider what all it does, it is well worth the price. It is especially a gem if you live near woods, lakes, or ponds, where mosquitoes are a serious issue. Individuals that live in warm states such as Florida and Georgia, that have purchased this mosquito trap seem to be very pleased with it. They state that they have definitely seen a huge reduction in the mosquito problem on their property after using the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC.

It might not seem important when you first purchase the product, but having good customer service is relevant, especially if a problem arises. With the Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC, many users have said that the company that manufactured this mosquito trap has one of the best customer service departments that they have ever had to deal with. The reps were very helpful and friendly and made most of them thrilled that they had made the decision of purchasing this mosquito trap.

Bottom Line

The Mega-Catch PRO 900 PREMIER XC is a great product to purchase if you have a terrible mosquito problem on your property. It gets rid of all of those pesky, flying insects that prove to be an issue for homeowners that not only live near any body of water but also those that desire to entertain outside during warm weather. The best part of this mosquito trap is that it will not harm you or your loved ones while in use.

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Dynatrap Insect Trap Reviews

Choosing a product that claims to eliminate or trap mosquitoes is not always an easy task. There are so many different products on the market and each one claims to be the best that your money can buy. How do you choose? Most people spend loads of time searching the internet for the “right” mosquito traps, but even then, they may still come up wondering if they truly have found the best one. Instead of guessing which Dynatrap is best and whether it is better than other traps, why not simply read all of the Dynatrap insect trap reviews to see if it is what you have been searching for?

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The Dynatrap Insect Trap

Dynatrap is one of the most popular trap brands because of the variety they offer. Some are designed to work indoors and outside, some cover a larger area outdoors, and some are just easier to use. Other product features that people enjoy with Dynatrap include price and ease of use as well as the fact they are super quiet.

How Do They Compare to Other Propane Mosquito Traps?

Mosquito traps often have differences that make them unique. You can see this most easily when comparing one brand name to another. Each manufacturer seems to stick with one type of trap. With this in mind, the Dynatraps offer one type of protection. The SkeeterVac and the Mosquito Magnets use other ways that are also effective according to some.

Dynatrap uses lighting to draw in mosquitos trapping them inside. They will fall down into a catch trap that does not make it possible for them to escape because of a tiny vacuum that keeps them trapped. It does not cause zapping noises all around you and there are no chemicals used. All you have to do is buy the machine one time and you are set to control mosquitos over a long period of time.

The SkeeterVac uses a vacuum to pull mosquitoes in when they come near. Inside, there is a sticky tape which traps and holds them inside. A Mosquito Magnet uses propane to mimic a human breathing. Both of these options require you to make future purchases if you want to continue using them.

Which Dynatrap Is Best?

When it comes to choosing a Dynatrap for your home, you need to first consider what you need from your trap. For instance, most of the traps available through Dynatrap can be used indoors, but there are some that are specifically designed for indoor use only. Therefore, if you want to use it wherever you are, indoors or out, you may want to avoid solely indoor traps because you cannot take them outside.

You also need to consider how much area you want to cover. Some Dynatraps are rated to cover only a half-acre of land while others may cover a full acre. This should also be something you consider when deciding on the placement of your new trap. A two-story house with a balcony may need a separate trap for the upstairs and down.

If you would like to know more about the Dynatrap line of mosquito traps, perhaps you should read product specific reviews. The Dynatrap Eliminator is a very popular choice for anyone who wants an indoor/outdoor trap. Our full review of it can be found here. Other options can be found below.

Best Dynatrap Reviews

1-The Dynatrap DT2000 XL Outdoor

DynaTrap Insect Trap Reviews

The Dynatrap XL features two UV lights and it can be used to cover up to 1 acre of land. It has a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. When you open the box, you will find the mosquito trap with a retaining cage, a cleaning brush, and a 7-foot cord. The UV bulbs are rated to work for up to 3,000 hours. It can get rid of any type of flying insect and you will never have to hear it buzz or zap. According to Dynatrap XL reviews, it is a great trap that is quiet and effective.


2-Dynatrap Ultralight

Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap

This insect and mosquito trap is pesticide and odor free. It is quiet to use and protects up to 300 square feet. It does not require attractants or chemicals of any kind. Bugs simply fly toward the light, get sucked in by a very quiet fan, and then they are trapped inside of the cage. They will not even be able to come out when you turn off the fan. Ideal for use anywhere you plan to be.


3-Original Dynatrap Insect Trap

Dynatrap Original

The Original can offer protection for up to 1/2 acre, no matter what the weather outside is like. It can work inside and out because like all other Dynatrap traps, there are no chemicals or pesticides. It uses a very quiet fan to pull insects inside. It does produce CO2, which mosquitos find impossible to resist in most cases. Some owners say that it does work better for other insects than mosquitos, but most say that they notice a decrease in mosquitos within a very short time.

Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Review

The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac features similar technology to the Mosquito Magnet line of traps. However, the SkeeterVac adds on a few additional features setting itself apart from the competition. First, the SkeeterVac is cordless and has an electronic ignition system.

The two additional features not seen on many propane mosquito traps is a secondary sticky paper trap as well as a motion sensor light which add to trap effectiveness. The SkeeterVac can be assembled within minutes and no tools will be necessary.

How the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Works:

SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap Attractant

The SkeeterVac utilizes multiple attractants to maximize catching ability. First, the trap emits CO2, minimizing the human breath, which will also act to attract no-see-ums. Additionally, the SkeeterVac deploys an environmentally friendly chemical further mimicking a human. As mosquitos approach the trap a sucking force pulls them up into the trap where they are left to expire. Again, setting the SkeeterVac apart is the addition of a sticky trap to catch those mosquitos that were not caught by the pulling force there is still a chance they make the fatal mistake of touching the ultra sticky tape.


  • Cordless
  • Utilized multiple catching techniques
  • Easy Assembly
  • Affordable
  • 1+ acreage coverage


  • No indicator light to signify attractant is running low

Who is the SkeeterVac Propane Mosquito Trap for?

SkeeterVac is for someone who wants maximum mosquito catching ability packed into a propane mosquito trap. Also, the SkeeterVac comes in at the middle of the road in terms of cost compared to its competitors such as the Executive, therefore a more cost-effective approach to mosquito control. Lastly, this machine is for people who have the need for a machine that can be located anywhere without the dependence on an outlet for power supply. This will make for an optimal trap placement which significantly influences your trap rate.

SkeeterVac Reviews 

The SkeeterVac has been put through its paces with over 110 reviews on Amazon and of those reviews received a 3.4 out of 5 rating. This is the highest rating of any of the propane mosquito traps available on the market.

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Mosquito Magnet Patriot Review

The Mosquito Magnet Patriot is a simple yet effective design. If you are a person that likes to keep things simple in the fight against mosquitos and their diseases they carry, the Patriot is for you. The machine comes with a 50′ cord, which makes changing or charging batteries a non-issue. However, you will need to have a power outlet within the necessary vicinity of optimal trap placement.Mosquito Magnet Patriot Review

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Propane Mosquito Trap

The Patriot has an onboard rigid self-contained net which makes changing every 21 days an ease. Maintaining an adequate airflow via the trap nets helps to ensure top performance. The Patriot is also the most affordable propane mosquito trap making more individuals inclined to buy this model over the more expensive models especially for the first trial of this technology. However, it is worth noting that trap placement will directly affect your success rate with a propane mosquito trap.

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Net Review


  • Easy Setup
  • Most Affordable
  • Up to 1-acre coverage
  • Odorless
  • 3x Larger Catch Bag


  • Not cordless
  • No fuel-saving features

Assembly and Startup: 

Who is the Mosquito Magnet Patriot for?

The Patriot is for the person looking for the most affordable option when it comes to a propane mosquito trap. Also, it is for those that like to keep things simple. The Patriot is the simplest propane mosquito trap on the market. As already mentioned this trap is only for areas that have access to a power outlet. The 50′ cord gives you maximum reachability, but you surely are not taking this trap out onto the middle of a golf course as you could with SkeeterVac.

Patriot Reviews

With reviews on Amazon and reviews on the manufacturer’s website both rating middle of the road, you get a better idea from customer’s experiences as the Patriot has more review totals overall. Of those reviews, the Patriot’s biggest complaint is that it is not cheap to run, as it does burn through propane. The biggest compliment… It works!

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More Mosquito Control Options:

Mosquito Magnet Independence Review

The Mosquito Magnet Independence is a step in the simpler direction in comparison to the Executive. The simple one-button operation makes set up and usability a breeze. The Independence is powered by 4 C batteries that will last months and features a disposable net. The net should be changed every 21 days in the height of the mosquito season.

Mosquito Magnet Independence Review

The Independence is constructed from all-weather material ensure that the machine will last in even the toughest of environments. Although the Independence is cordless and powered by batteries, the batteries will need to be changed multiple times per season or year. However, this will make trap placement extremely easy compared to other propane mosquito traps like the Patriot. Also, the drawstring net will require additional maintenance as compared to the executive. Nonetheless, the Independence is a more affordable alternative if cordless features are a must.

Mosquito Magnet Independence Review


  • Cordless, operated by standard batteries
  • Disposable net
  • Up to 1-acre coverage
  • Silent
  • Odorless
  • Easy Assembly
  • Wheels


  • Batteries require more maintenance
  • Lacks fuel-saving technology onboard the Executive
  • Price: still not the cheapest propane mosquito trap

Assembly and Startup:

Who is the Independence Propane Mosquito Trap for?

The Mosquito Magnet Independence is for someone who needs a propane mosquito trap that is cordless yet won’t break the bank. Some outdoor areas just do not have the ability for a 50′ extension cord required by the Patriot, and cordless technology is a must. However, that cordless technology will be a sacrifice for more maintenance in changing batteries, and of course the disposable nets. Although the initial purchase price of the Independence is less than that of the Executive, nets and added fuel consumption need to be considered.

Mosquito Magnet Independence Reviews

The Independence has conflicting review ratings between Amazon and on the manufactures website. Of those reviews, the average rating on Amazon is lower but found higher ratings on the manufacturer’s site. Although most reviews are issues with initial set up as opposed to technology simply not working. Take a look, but make sure to read the full reviews as some who had initially had issues, with excellent customer service, got it working properly.

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Mosquito Magnet Executive Review

If you are the type to buy the best of the best, look no further than the Mosquito Magnet Executive. This is the top of the line Mosquito Magnet propane mosquito trap, featuring smart technology and a rechargeable battery that last all season long.  Among the five different user-friendly settings is four fuel saving setting allowing for you to get more life out of your propane tank. Most tanks on a Mosquito Magnet will last up to 21 days, but the manufacturer claims with the fuel-saving modes you can stretch it out to up to 30 days.Mosquito Magnet Executive Review

Mosquito Magnet Executive Review

The Executive is capable of covering up to 1 acre of property, and the cordless ability makes moving the machine about extremely easy. The Executive also comes equipped with wheels to make relocation a breeze. The location of your propane mosquito trap is critical to performance. At a first use, you may need to move this trap around to find just the right location, and you’ll appreciate those wheels then. The good news about the Executive Trap is that it will work on no-see-ums as well. If you have spent any time in the South (in the USA) you’ll know exactly what these little buggers are and what a pain they can be.

Mosquito Magnet Executive Net Executive3


  • Best of the best in the Mosquito Magnet line of products
  • LCD front panel offers enhanced diagnostics & user-friendly settings
  • Fuel Saving technology amongst the 5 settings
  • Rigid Net allows for up to 40% more use and increases airflow pertinent to trap performance
  • Easy 3-Step Assembly
  • Cordless-runs an entire season on one charge
  • Temperature gauge so the system only runs at mosquito conducive temperature
  • 1-year Warranty


  • Expensive-Most expensive amongst the Mosquito Magnet line

Assembly and Startup:

Who is the Mosquito Magnet Executive for?

As we mentioned, the Executive is for someone who has their heart set on the best of the best in whatever they are buying. Although this mosquito trap is a bit on the expensive side it is well worth it. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative check out the Independence or the SkeeterVac. Also, the Executive is for those that like lower maintenance items, as the fuel saving and rigid net structure help to limit the attention that the propane mosquito trap needs. Also, this will be for someone who does not have access to outdoor power outlets where the trap needs to be placed. Unlike the Mosquito Magnet Patriot, the Executive does not require a power outlet to be operated.

What do others say about the Executive?

You may find conflicting information when reading the reviews on Amazon and on the Mosquito Magnet website.  The average of the reviews on Amazon is  3.1 out of 5 and a 5/5 on the manufacturer website. Again, I think a lot of frustration with these machines is a lack of understanding of the importance of placement and maintenance. There is maintenance involved when trying to eradicate a population of a nuisance pest.  Check out the reviews below.

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