Do Bats Eat Mosquitoes? Bat Houses for Sale

One of the most popular natural mosquito control methods is to encourage bats living on or around your property. The question then becomes “Do bats really eat mosquitoes?” It has already been proven that little brown bats will eat up to 1000 mosquitoes each hour. If you use that to base a full night time frame, it means that they are able to do their fair share of working to control the mosquitoes in your yard. However, you must first figure out how to draw bats into your area and how to keep them there. One easy way to get started is to find bat houses for sale.

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How to Attract the Most Bats to Eliminate Mosquitoes

One of the best things about bat houses and keeping bats close by is that you can use bat houses for mosquito control without using chemicals. It is the most environmentally friendly mosquito control options around. However, in order for a bat house to be successful, you must have it placed in a prime area for your bats to remain in that location.

Mounted Bat House With Plenty Of SunshineYou need to put the bat house in an area that gets abundant sunshine, especially during the morning hours. Most people recommend that you get at least 6 hours of sun on the bat house and more if possible since bats do like warm homes. In an ideal world, you will put the bat house about 10ft up and have two houses close together, one facing north and one facing south so that your bats can always find the right temperature. You should also give them easy access to a consistent fresh water source and have trees as well as a clearing nearby as well. This provides them with a constant food and water supply.

If you can provide them with a hot house that is “bat approved” you will attract bats fairly fast. However, your success will depend on your environment. If you can look up in the early evening hours and see bats flying around, you are more likely to draw bats quickly. It is also beneficial to have other bat houses in your area, but you must remember, a bat does not often desert the house they already have.Mosquito Season

The Ideal Bat House

One thing you will notice is that bats have “high standards.” Not only do you have to understand where to hang a bat house, you must also know the type of houses they prefer. Bats like dark colored walls, light rough wood on the inside of their spacious homes so that more than a couple bats may live together. There are tutorials that tell you what bats like and how you may be able to build your own bat houses, but as a beginner, you may be better off to buy a bat house. For that reason, we have listed some very popular choices in bat houses for you to consider.

Best Bat Houses For Sale

1-Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat House

Mosquito Control Bat House

This bat house has the approval of the Organization for Bat Conservation. It has an average rating of 4.5-stars and maintains an 80% success rate for attracting bats. It is made using cedar and plywood in the USA.


2-Audubon Bat Shelter

Audobon Bat House

This is a very popular bat house that includes a landing platform that is made of rough cedar. It is grooved so that they can cling to it when roosting. There are zinc plated deck screws that will enable you to assemble it easily and it can hold up to 20 bats. It is made in the USA, holds an average rating of 4.3-stars, and is very affordable.


3-OBC Endorsed Triple Chamber Bat House by Uncle Dunkels

OBC Bat Approved Bat House

This bat house is handmade in the USA and attracts bats naturally. It has a capacity of 300 bats and it is endorsed by the Organization for Bat Conservation. It uses all natural materials and it is colored to look like tree bark, which will give bats a familiar place to call home. It has a 4.7-star rating, but it is one of the most expensive options available.


Bat House Attractant

Bat House Attractant

If you have a bat house but you feel it is not attracting bats well enough or if you are trying to bring bats to your area, you may want to use this bat attractant. It works with all bat houses or bat boxes to increase the appeal of it.