Eradicating Mosquitoes & Fertilizing At The Same Time

Imagine being able to effectively eradicate mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects from your garden while fertilizing your plants and lawn at the same time. Controlling the insect population on your property becomes an automated and easy task with the Sprinkler Magician Machine Dual pump, while your garden also gets a generous helping of much-needed nutrients for optimal growth.

Mosquito MagicianWhile many mosquito repellents contain toxic and potentially lethal compounds, the Sprinkler Magician Machine utilizes only 100% natural and non-toxic botanical extracts known to repel mosquitoes. The added addition of the fertilizing unit means you can kill two birds with one stone, thus allowing you more time to enjoy your garden in all its glory.

The Sprinkler Magician Machine is not only effective for disease-carrying mosquitoes, but also on a whole host of other critters, such as the Lyme disease-carrying ticks, plant-eating aphids, moths, silverfish, and spiders. It does not harm the ever-precious bee and butterfly populations and many people report them still being welcome visitors in the garden after application.


Sprinkler Magician Machine Dual System Explained

The Sprinkler Magician Machine is set up to work with your current sprinkler system to provide effective insect repelling and fertilization of your garden in one fell swoop. The dual pump system allows you to set either one or both features to be used at the same time and is set by your sprinkler system timer.

The solutions are mixed with just the right amount of water to provide protection and nourishment to your garden and without the risk of it being washed away by excess water. It is as easy as setting the timer and allowing the machine to take care of the rest. With this machine, you have the option to be able to effectively treat up to 6 or 12 zones in your garden at the same time.

Installation Of Mosquito Magician

Dual Pump Sprinkler MagicianInstallation of the Sprinkler Magician Machine Dual Pump system will take roughly 2 hours to install from start to finish. You will require certain tools, such as a drill for drilling through the wall to fix the wires to the sprinkler system timer and to affix the unit to the wall. A tape measure is also a good idea if you have one. The machine comes with a complete installation manual, so it is quite a simple task. However, you may wish to leave it to a professional to install it for you.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to drill holes in the location that you want to install the Sprinkler Magician Machine securely in place. Preferably next to an external power outlet point.
  2. As soon as you have the box fixed to the wall, you will then want to begin attaching the injection point to the back point valve. You will need to make sure it is fixed onto the downstream portion of the pipe. For ease of installation, a saddle fitting is the best way to achieve Glue or cement the fitting to the pipe and allow it to cure properly before drilling through it and into the main water pipe.
  3. You will then fit the injection point into the saddle fitting and screw it in tightly. It’s a good idea to use some silicone tape to get a tight and waterproof fit
  4. Sprinkler ComponentsNext, you will need to take the pipes from the injection point and fit one on each of the machine pumps.
  5. Taking the power cord from the base of the machine,  you will plug it into the power supply, which should be grounded and in a water-free location.
  6. Once all of the above has been performed. You will then remove the control panel cover so you can thread the irrigation wire through the machine, down out of the base, and through the wall to the sprinkler timer.
  7. Strip back the protective covering about 1-inch and follow the installation guide to fit the wires into the control panels motherboard sockets.
  8. You will then do the same on the sprinkler timer control panel, again following the guide.
  9. The next step involves filling the receptacles with the Mosquito Magician Concentrate and the liquid fertilizer.
  10. Once they have both been filled, you will prime both pumps by flipping the prime switches, each pump has its own switch.
  11. Once you set up the timer, your garden will be fertilized and protected from mosquitoes and other insects via the automated process.

Sprinkler Magician Machine Effectiveness

You will find the Sprinkler Magician Machine to be effective on nearly all of those unwanted bugs while leaving beneficial pollinators unaffected. If you are having problems with mosquitoes, the repellent will keep them out of your garden. It will also kill any mosquito larvae, which may be hiding in any standing water. It effectively repels:

  • Flea’s & TicksEffective Bug Control On These Species
  • Flies, including fruit flies
  • Mosquitoes & moths
  • Grubs & silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Plus many more insects

The mosquito repellent concentrate is 100% effective and contains only natural and safe ingredients. If you want to encourage butterflies and bee’s into your garden, while keeping the rest away, the pet-friendly and people-safe formula will help you in no time at all.

What Ongoing Maintenance Is Required?

The Sprinkler Magician Machine is a low-maintenance system and typically required very little upkeep. Other than priming the pumps and keeping the mosquito repellent and liquid fertilizer topped up, not much else is required in terms of care and upkeep.

Chemical Pesticides Lifespan

With each application, you will receive up to 2-weeks protection. The specially formulated compounds will become undetectable to the human nose after a short period of time while remaining off-putting for many insects for an average of a fortnight. The botanical extracts include:

  • Mosquito Magician Concentrate ChemicalCedar oil
  • Citronella oil
  • Clove oil
  • Garlic oil
  • Lemongrass oil.
  • Thyme oil


The Sprinkler Magian Machine uses Mosquito Magician Concentrate, of which one pint can effectively treat up to 16,000 sqft. This is an immense area of land and gives you an idea of how economical the solution is, especially for much smaller yards and gardens.

For the fertilizer, you may use your preferred brand without issue, so long as it is a liquid fertilizer and not a pellet or powder form. You can then set this to feed your garden on a set schedule as and when you want.Review Of Mosquito Magician

Is Sprinkler Magician Legal In All States

Absolutely! The Sprinkler Magician Machine uses only the purest natural ingredients to rid your garden and home of mosquitoes and other biting insects. The formula is so safe that it will have zero adverse effects on people, pets, plants, or aquatic life.

If you are looking for a way to keep your garden free from pests, while taking care of your lawn and plants, then the Sprinkler Magician Machine Dual Pump System is the way forward. Say goodbye to nuisance insects and hello to a more lush and vibrant garden all year round.