Foods That Repel Mosquitoes

There are a lot of myths and facts about mosquitoes out there. Old wives’ tales that you may not be sure you can trust in. There are concoctions you can spray, rub, grow, burn, and even eat and all of them claim to be the best remedy for those pesky bugs that leave you itching throughout the summer months. Is there any truth to it? Now is the time to learn about foods that repel mosquitoes and whether it is fact or fiction that it works.

What Foods Will Repel Mosquitoes?

Eating Garlic To Repel MosquitosIf you are curious about what to eat to keep mosquitoes away, you should be aware that eating certain things to keep mosquitoes away may also keep other people away. Garlic cloves are a very popular, proven way to perhaps lessen the way a mosquito feels about biting you. Apple Cider vinegar taken by the tablespoons is also a viable option. Orange and lemon peels, onion skins, as well as vanilla extract are foods that may also slow down biting bugs, but to use these, you will want to rub them on your skin instead of ingesting them.

How Effective Is Eating Certain Foods To Repel Mosquitoes?safe bug spray

To understand whether eating garlic as mosquito repellent is actually effective for you or not, you must first know how a mosquito picks its target. Every person has a natural scent that they are born with. Mosquitoes are attracted to most of the compounds that make up that natural fragrance combined with carbon dioxide and lactic acid. In order to repel mosquitoes by eating foods, you have to eat a substantial amount of it. You have to eat enough that it changes the way your skin smells, thereby changing your genetic induced aromatic fingerprint. Unfortunately, this just is not very practical. That is why many people prefer to rub it on their skin and it is also one of the main reasons people use spray on insect repellents.

Save Your Food: Pop-Up Mesh Food Cover

Speaking of insects, and food, they should not be together.  Whether you’re having a barbeque, a picnic, or enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine, you definitely would not want any type of pesky insect landing in your drink or crawling over your food.  These portable, reusable, mesh canopy tents easily pop-up to be placed over your plates of food or beverages to keep mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, or any other flying insect who tries to join your party.  They are collapsible and easily wiped down with a wet cloth to be used over and over again.

Do Propane Mosquito Traps Work Better?

Mosquito traps are designed to emit carbon dioxide and special scent so that mosquitoes will go to them instead of biting you. It emits it in its purest form and draws more mosquitoes to it. This is why you should set it away from where you will be spending your time in the outdoors. This is not to say that you will get no bites, but over time, you should see fewer mosquitoes around your yard, which in turn means fewer bug bites.

Best to Use Several Methods

The hardest thing for most people to understand is that before you ask, “What to eat to repel mosquitoes” rather you should ask yourself, “How to eliminate them?” In order to control mosquitoes, you must control their environment. Eliminate standing water, remove piled leaves and trash, as well as do other things to lessen their breeding grounds. A mosquito trap will then trap the mosquitoes and other insects you have in your yard. If you want to help it to work, you may try eating garlic or rubbing other edible items on yourself. The more unsavory you appear to them, the more mosquitoes will venture toward the trap, and the more you can enjoy the great outdoors.