Garlic Mosquito Spray

It is no secret that mosquitoes are drawn to humans and animals because of the carbon dioxide and scents that are given off as a result of breathing. Bug sprays masks the scent of the body and/or has a scent unpleasant to mosquitos which is what makes them so effective. That is what has led to the invention of Garlic Mosquito Spray. It is a scent that naturally repels mosquitoes.

Does Garlic Work to Repel Mosquitoes?

Garlic and mosquitoes do not agree. Mosquitoes cannot stand the scent of garlic. They will run away from it rather than venture near it. Therefore, studies have proven that garlic can work to keep them away from you. In the past, it was believed that you had to eat a lot of garlic all summer long if you wanted to avoid bites. However, this is not entirely true. There are sprays that you can use in your yard that are made using garlic.

How Does Mosquito Barrier Work?

A garlic spray for mosquitoes is a natural repellent that does not contain any harmful chemicals, such as DEET. It is safe to spray around yourself and children. If you choose other varieties of Mosquito Barrier spray, you will find other scents that mosquitoes do not enjoy such as, lemongrass, mint, and of course garlic.

How Effective Is A Mosquito Barrier in Comparison to Other Repellents?

The biggest question for most people is whether the Garlic Mosquito Barrier is better than propane traps or eating garlic? Honestly, all of them have their strong points. Eating garlic ensures that you are not going to get bit by mosquitoes as often as you normally would, even if you are out camping in the woods. The downside is you would have to have a lot of garlic in your system for it to repulse a possible biter.

Propane traps are designed to work over time, eliminating mosquitoes in your yard. This means that taking it out on a camping trip may not work fast enough for you to get relief from insects that you’re after. Mosquito Barrier Sprays are also designed to eliminate mosquitoes around your yard. Traps are designed to attract mosquitoes that are in your area, while the primary purpose of garlic spray is to keep them away from your lawn. All can be effective, but you may still want to use more than one method, especially if you have a lot of mosquitoes in your area. To help you get a better idea of the mosquito garlic sprays, take a look at the reviews below.

Best Mosquito Garlic Spray Reviews

1-Mosquito Barrier 2001

Mosquito Barrier

This natural product lasts 3-4 weeks with each application. It is safe to be around, does not smell bad, and contains no harmful chemicals, while effectively eliminating pests.


2-Garlic Barrier Liquid Concentrate

Garlic Mosquito Spray

This garlic spray is designed to keep all pests at bay for up to a month’s time. Your entire family can venture outside as soon as you are finished spraying. This is safe to spray on trees, shrubs, or other areas in your yard.


3-Dr. T’s DT336 Mosquito Repelling Granules

Mosquito Granule Barrier

This is a 5-pound jug of granules that is a mixture of lemongrass, garlic oil, and mint. It is safe to use anywhere in your yard or around the home. One jug treats up to 4,000 square feet and will never damage you, your lawn, or your garden.