How to Kill Mosquito Larvae in Water

Instead of waiting until mosquitoes start biting, why not hit them where it will hurt the most? You may not realize that you can figure out how to kill mosquito larvae in water and thus interrupt their breeding cycle.

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Why You Should Be Killing Mosquito Larvae

You can set propane mosquito traps out and you can spray foggers around your lawn, but doing this will only kill the mosquitoes that are currently present. Mosquito traps will draw mosquitoes away from your home and foggers can kill the ones that have not yet left your lawn for the trap.

A popular choice for eliminating mosquitoes is to eliminate standing water. It is where you should start killing mosquito larvae. This is important as you cannot necessarily empty all standing water areas. If you have a pond near your home a firebreak that holds water, you may not be able to drain them and mosquitoes will love you for it. Why let them get to that point? Instead, why not ask yourself what to put in standing water to kill mosquitoes?

Take the Right Step in Mosquito Control

Eliminate the water that you can. After a heavy rain, walk around your property to see where water is puddled up. If you have a flower pot that is holding water, empty it. Perhaps put it away so that it doesn’t catch water when it rains. If you have an old tire or a pile of scrap metal, a pile of leaves, etc. you are taking a chance on hosting your very own mosquito breeding ground. You should get rid of everything that you can, even your pet’s water bowl should have fresh water added often so that it does not become stale.

After you have eliminated your wet spots to the best of your ability, you should then discover how to kill mosquito larvae in standing water which you cannot eliminate. This will most likely include purchasing tablets or liquid that can make your standing water source unsuitable for mosquitos. To see what types are available, how safe they are to use, and where to buy Mosquito Dunks, you should take a look at the products below.

Best Ways to Kill Mosquito Larvae

1-Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk

Mosquito Dunks

This mosquito tablet kills mosquitoes before they are large enough to bite. One package covers 100 square feet of surface area and lasts for up to 30 days. It is proven effective by the average 4.6-star rating after nearly 1,500 reviews.


2-Bonide Mosquito Beater Water Soluble Pouches

Mosquito Beater Kills Larvae

Mosquito Beater is available in 24 tablet packages and each pouch covers up to 50 square feet for about 2 weeks’ time. It dissolves quickly and immediately releases its active ingredients. It is safe to use in water gardens, bird baths, tree holes, swimming pools that aren’t being used, and more.


3-Sector Permethrin Mosquito Control Gallon Jug

Permethrin Liquid To Kill Mosquito Larvae

This water-based insecticide is designed for use with a misting system. It kills flying insects on contact and provides a residual control as well. It will not harm plants, shrugs, or other landscape areas. It is even safe to use in animal quarters.