Mosquito, Bug & Insect Fogger Reviews

There are a lot of ways to get rid of a mosquito problem, but a lot of people prefer the foggers for quick relief. Most areas are plagued by mosquitoes. If you live near wooded areas or water, you are more than likely to have an issue with insects. This can make your yard a place that breeds infections such as the West Nile Virus. It can also make backyard barbecues a major problem because no one enjoys itching and painful welts being on them. Which fogger is the best? Read these mosquito fogger reviews and find out.

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What is a Mosquito Fogger?

A mosquito fogger is a chemical sprayer that can be used by individuals who do not want to be bothered by mosquitoes.  It is a temporary solution, but it is very effective at eliminating bugs from your yard so that you and your family can enjoy time by the pool or time simply relaxing outside.

There are only two types of bug foggers. One is a cold fogger that works off electricity. This means it must be near an outlet to work. This is an ideal solution for smaller areas such as near your porch or swimming pool. The other type is a thermal fogger which uses a heating coil to heat liquid insecticide into mist or smoke. It is the most popular type for people who want to eliminate mosquitoes from their entire yard as well as those who want to have it pointed directly toward places where mosquitos hide. It is also called a propane mosquito fogger.

Mosquito Fogger VS Other Mosquito Control Options

A mosquito fogger eliminates mosquitos quickly so that you can plan time outside and venture out only once the mosquitos have been killed. This is a lot different than a mosquito propane trap which uses the propane to mimic human breath and heat. The trap will work gradually to eliminate the mosquitoes that enjoy calling your yard home.

Yard repellants that you leave in water that you have around your home or use to simply keep mosquitos at bay are also slower options than a fogger. They are great to have around your home if you have a lot of mosquitos, but for a quick fix, the foggers work best. To help you gain a better understanding of what fogger can do for your yard, you will want to read the insect fogger reviews and find out what others think of them. Here are a few of the highest rated foggers on the market.

Best Mosquito Control Foggers

1-The Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger

TriJet Thermal Fogger

The Tri-Jet is a heavy duty fogger that runs off either 110V AC or a DC current. You can adjust it to put out up to 12 ounces per minute to control insects around your home, though it can also help with other pests, odors, disinfecting, sanitizing and more. It has a unique tornado action nozzle so that you can aim the mist for up to 30 feet away. It can be used indoors or out thanks to the two-stage nozzle. It comes with a five-year warranty and weighs 13 pounds.


2-Burgess 1443 Outdoor Propane Fogger

Burgess Mosquito Fogger Review

The Burgess fogger provides immediate, long-lasting control of mosquitos and flies. It is a propane commercial mosquito fogger that only takes a few minutes to fog the yard. It is odorless and puts out a 10-foot cone of fog. It is covered by a one year warranty against all possible issues. It is a completely portable fogger that weighs only 2.8 pounds. It measures 6.9×15.5×11.2 inches and most people love what it can do for their yard once it heats up and starts producing fog. The Burgess is one of the most popular insect foggers.


3-Longray Carryall ULV Fogger

Longray Insect Fogger

 This is a ULV electric fogger that produces very fine micron droplets. It comes with a 24 inch flex hose so that you can reach all of the hard to reach areas in your yard and around corners. You do not have to deal with propane, but you do need to have a wall outlet nearby. Simply mix water with an oil based pesticide, the fogging agent, deodorants, or disinfectants. It comes with an 18 month extended warranty. It does have an adjustable flow weight. It is kind of heavy at 12 pounds.


4-The Black Flag Fogger

Black Flag Insect Fogger

Black Flag has designed a fogger that is 3.6 pounds and measures out to be 8.3×20.3×10 inches. It is an economical choice for killing a lot of mosquitos quickly. This thermal fogger has a 32-ounce reservoir and uses a standard propane cylinder that you have to buy separately. It is for residential use only and features an auto start button. Ideal for anyone battling against a large variety of flying insects including no-see-ums. It sprays out in a 10-foot cone so that spraying your entire backyard area is made easier.


More Insect Yard Control Options: