Mosquito Light Trap, Do They Work?

Many people spend their summertime swimming, hiking, riding bikes, and caring for their lawns. They work in their gardens, planting flowers and vegetables. They also must take on the role of the fighter because every summer when the people come out of their homes, the bugs come out of their winter slumber as well. This also means that stores everywhere make money selling items that they claim will eliminate the pesky insects so that you can enjoy the great outdoors without worry about illnesses that you may catch from mosquitoes. One big seller is the mosquito light traps, but do they really work? Can they eliminate your summertime battles?

What are Mosquito Light Traps?

BugZapperMachineRemember back years ago when people everywhere brought out their bug zapper? If you were a kid during that time you probably found morbid humor in listening to its buzz and zap as bugs flew into it. The mosquito light trap is an upgraded version of the bug zapper. It is rumored to work better than the more traditional style of zapper because it uses not only the light but a tank that will emit plumes of CO2 and a human scent into the air. This combination is supposed to draw even more mosquitoes in and clear your yard of nasty biting bugs. The theory behind it is that mosquitos are not drawn to the light as much as we believed them to be at one time. However, they tend to gravitate toward humans and that is because our bodies emit CO2 as well as warmth, both of which are desirable for a mosquito.

How Much Area Do Light Traps Cover?

The area they cover depends mostly on what type you purchase. There are light traps that are designed for the great outdoors, but you also have the option to purchase an indoor insect trap. Some of these things are more powerful than others, so you do have to choose carefully before you buy. You should also plan to either put it where your family spends time outdoors or to invest your money into a few of them, especially if you have a larger yard. Is it worth the money? That is for you to decide.

Do Light Traps For Mosquitos Really Work?

There is some proof that these light traps can work. Some of the mosquitos in your yard will be caught and killed by it. The indoor mosquito zapper can help you to avoid getting bit by bugs in your home, on your screened in porch, or in your pool area. However, these traps may not be an ideal solution to getting rid of mosquitos, even though they claim to be more than able. They are able to get rid of a variety of biting, stinging, and in general, annoying insects. With mosquitos though, you will need a bit more help like a propane mosquito trap. Preparing your yard for summertime by eliminating standing water will most likely help you out a lot more than capturing a few mosquitoes in one of these light traps.  It is an affordable option to try out or even add to other mosquito trapping or repelling solutions you are already using.  Check out our selected Mosquito Light Trap and Killers below.

1-Dilisens Mosquito Bug Zapper Camping Lamp

This mosquito zapper lantern is different from the rest because it is waterproof meaning you can use it in even more conditions and areas.  It is convenient and portable, lightweight and sturdy with an ergonomic handle on top.  This lamp has 3 different lighting modes with 2 switching modes for a lampshade.  Multiple charging options such as AC adapter, computer and power bank using its USB port.  No chemicals, no toxins, no smell and no mess makes this completely safe to use around your entire family.


2-Hoont Indoor Outdoor 3-way Mosquito and Fly Trap Light

mosquito light zapper

A bright UV light leads flies to the device and then the fan sucks the flies inside and prevents them from escaping.  You can add other attractants such as beer, fruit juice, or the like to really attract flying insects to the light and away from you.  Easy to clean trap that is hidden at the bottom of the device.  Great to use indoors at home, the office, or kitchen.  With a 1000 square foot coverage area, it is equally great for use outside in the garden, yard, and pool area.


3-Adoric 110V Mosquito Killer Light Bulb

This high quality LED light bulb is perfect for inside, or outside use on a porch, deck, patio or backyard and is safe and effective for eliminating most flying insects, including mosquitoes.  The soft mosquito zapper light creates a quiet and peaceful environment for sleep.  The easy to install bulb attracts insects and the include small brush removes the bugs that have been zapped.


4-Sancusto USB Bug Zapper Trap Light

This compact Bug Zapper Lamp is powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage and easy to carry to be used in almost any place you would need it.  With flexible power options, you can use it in areas where there are no electrical outlets by using a power bank.  This lamp has a unique two-mode design, mute mode, and strong mode.  Switch it to the mute mode for when you are sleeping.  Mosquitos will be attracted from any direction and then sucked in by the 360 degrees all-around built-in fan.  Easy clean up with a “push” button, removable storage box.