Mosquito Net Tent

When it comes to summertime activities, most people say they would do more if it were not for one tiny little creature that no one wants to deal with. The dreaded mosquito. They come out mostly during the morning and evening hours, but in some areas, you cannot even escape from them during the heat of the day. Especially if you have a wooded area near your home or a water source. That is because they thrive in those areas and no matter how much spray you use, what kind of traps you set up, and how many extra clothes you put on, they will still find a way to annoy you. Instead of dealing with it, why not set up a barrier by using a mosquito net tent?

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What Is a Mosquito Net Tent?

These tents are unique in the fact that they stop mosquitos from invading your space, especially if you are outdoors having a picnic or a BBQ. They are made of a very fine mesh material that allows cool air inside the tent but keeps bugs out. They are easy to carry and move around to wherever you need them. That is why people bring them with their camping gear or when they are going to be hanging out in the park. How much more enjoyable will your trip be if you can sit outside of that hot tent and enjoy the sounds of nature, telling ghost stories by the campfire while you are eating, and never think about the mosquitoes buzzing around outside?

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you are looking for a mosquito shelter that allows you to enjoy the best that nature has to offer while avoiding the worst parts of it, you may want to do a little research into which mosquito net tent is best. This is where reviews will become more helpful. This will show you what is available and what may work the best. To get you started, why not check out a few of the most popular tents available?

Best Tents with Mosquito Nets

SansBug Free-Standing Pop-UP Mosquito Net

sansbug free-standing pop-up mosquito-net

This mosquito net has a tarp floor. It measures out to be 86 inches long, 39 inches wide and 35 inches tall. This makes it a great tent for that area in your regular tent where you want to sleep and for keeping mosquitos off little ones who would enjoy time in the great outdoors. It folds easily into a tri-fold disk for easy portability and weighs only 2.5 pounds. The mesh is made entirely of polyester and it is so tiny that even bedbugs will be kept out of your tent.


Garden Creations JB5678 Umbrella Table Screen

Garden Creations Mosquito Net

This mosquito screen measures 9-feet wide by 7.2-feet high. This is large enough to fit most backyard patio tables, the umbrella, and your chairs. This means you will be able to eat outdoors without any type of bugs to swat away.  All you have to do is set it up, unzip it to get inside, zip it closed, and enjoy a picnic style dinner without worry over flies and mosquitoes that may carry diseases.


Coleman 10×10 Instant Screened Canopy

Coleman Mosquito Tent

If you do not have a screened in room, you will enjoy this pop-up mosquito tent by Coleman. It is large enough to allow you to do almost anything you want and it provides you with protection from, bugs and the sun, all at one time. It has two large, zippered, T-doors to make it easy to get inside of it. On nice days when the bugs are not bugging you, you can use loops to keep the doors open. It comes with an easy to use carrying bag which is small enough to fit inside of most trunks. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and it is guaranteed that you will find something enjoyable to do with it.