Propane Mosquito Trap Placement

Trap placement of your propane mosquito trap is crucial to maximizing effectiveness. Many owners of a trap neglect to acknowledge how important this factor is. To be sure that you are getting the most out of your investment in a propane mosquito trap be sure to use the following guidelines.

You should notice the effectiveness of the propane mosquito trap within seven to ten days. If usually takes this long for mosquitos to become attracted to and sucked up by the trap. You should then allow for four to six weeks for the trap to reduce your mosquito population, hopefully ultimately reducing the risk of mosquito diseases. Thus, you will notice a steady reduction in catch. This should not alarm you if you’re catching fewer mosquitos. This is a good sign that you are winning the battle back for your yard. If you are utilizing a homemade mosquito trap¬†or an indoor mosquito trap, moving the trap around every so often will help to reduce the population more rapidly.

Where Should You Place Your Mosquito Trap?

To maximize the efficiency of your propane mosquito trap, follow the trap placement guidelines below

  • First, you will need to determine where mosquitos are breeding. This is likely to be near standing water, bushes, etc. Then determine where you spend a majority of your time outdoors, decks, porches etc. The propane mosquito trap will be best placed between these two points. This will allow the trap to capture the mosquitos before they reach you.
  • Make sure that when you do place the trap that it is at least thirty to forty feet away from people will frequently be. This is enough distance to encourage mosquitos to visit the trap and not you!
  • Place the trap upwind from where the breeding location. As mosquitos fly out from the breeding ground, they head upwind when looking for a meal.
  • Make sure the trap is in an open area. The trap will be much more effective if it is not stuck in the bushes, but rather in open space to effectively spread the scent/CO2. Bushes and tall grass can impede the scent flow as well as the path of the mosquito to the trap
  • Try to place the trap in the shade. Mosquitos prefer shaded areas to the sun, this is obvious as mosquitos seem to appear most frequent during dusk/nighttime.

Finally, you need to be aware of mosquito season. In southern states, you will also need to be aware of no-see-ums season, which is usually opposite that of mosquito season. Mosquito season is in summer months and no-see-ums in winter months. Same trap placement guidelines apply to no-see-ums as they do to mosquitos.