Where Do Mosquitoes Live?

MosqutioMosquitoes are the most common insect in the world to spread disease and itchy bites. There is no escape, but if you want to get rid of the insects, so you can take back your summer life, there are a few things you need to understand about where mosquitoes live.

States Most Populated by Mosquitoes

When you are wondering where do mosquitoes live, you simply have to look outdoors. Mosquitoes can live in pretty much every area of the world. However, there is no secret that they prefer to live in warmer climate areas. The thing is, if you live in Atlanta, Detroit, North Carolina, Miami, Michigan, New York, and Washington, you also know that these places are overrun with these pesky insects. The idea that mosquitoes were a southern problem is no longer true. They are everywhere and they venture out when you want them there the least.

Where Mosquitoes Thrive

If you interested in learning where do mosquitoes come from, you have an extensive history to look through. It seems that they have always been around, but it was not until the tiger mosquito invaded in the 80s that people started getting bug bites at all hours of the day or night and they became a true nuisance. Before this time, mosquitoes were out during the evening hours and early morning hours. Now, to find out when do mosquitoes come out, you simply have to walk outside. They are everywhere 24/7. It does not matter how hot it is or whether the sun is shining brightly or not.

Where Do Mosquitos Live

Mosquitoes are in damp places. They are in dry areas if there are leaves for them to hide in. They are found in dog water bowls, ponds, ditches, wooded areas and non-wooded areas. They are in the country, in large cities, and in areas where no one ever ventures into. That is why mosquito control is such an important thing. You have to eliminate them where they breed. Otherwise, you will never get to enjoy the outdoors.

Mosquito Trap Placement Counts

placementgraphicWhen you decide to use a propane mosquito trap, you will have to put a lot of thought into where you place it. You do not need it to be near where you hope to hang out, but you do need for it to be where mosquitoes are able to breed. This means you should put it near a water source, a ditch or a pond is perfect. If you have a home that backs up to a wooded area, you should put the mosquito trap there if you want to catch the most mosquitoes. By putting the trap where they breed, you will, in essence, be giving them a “food source” there, so they do not have to venture closer to your home. As the trap draws them, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors a little more this summer.